Steve Carell Makes A Perfect Toby Flenderson Joke


Way to go, Toby. You just can't help but make everything worse, can you? It seems that Dunder Mifflin's Toby is to blame for Steve Carell's Office revival joke he made on Twitter Wednesday. Carell tweeted Thursday, "My account was hacked by Toby Flenderson." Talk about pulling a Michael Scott. That tweet is a beautiful, beautiful thing, especially for fans of The Office.

On Wednesday, NBC officially confirmed that Will & Grace will return with 10 brand new episodes come the 2017-18 TV season. Like everyone else, Carell commented on the revival by tweeting, "Breaking News: 'The Office' returning to NBC." He then tweeted shortly after, "Wait, sorry. I meant 'Will and Grace' (Typo)." It caused quite the reaction on the internet, and rightfully so. If you're wondering if The Office is actually returning, star B.J. Novak confirmed on Wednesday's Watch What Happens Live that there are no talks of a revival.

So, if you were really hoping The Office was coming back, direct all your anger at Toby just like Michael would. Clearly, it is all Toby's fault for getting fans' hopes up about a revival. Once again, he is ruining life.

As fans know, Michael and Toby did not get along. Basically, Michael hated Toby with so much passion that he even tried to plant marijuana on him and get him arrested and fired. It did not work, because Michael couldn't tell the difference between a marijuana leaf and Caprese salad.

Carell's tweet is a nice way to not only honor The Office, but the disastrous of a relationship Michael and Toby shared. With that, let's take a stroll down memory lane by showing how Michael would most likely react if Toby hacked his Twitter.

He Wouldn't Think It Was Amazing

Nobody cares, Toby.

He'd Ruin Toby's Lunch

Only the most childish reactions for Michael.

He'd Want Him To Leave Forever

Are you on his side, Toby?

He'd Call Toby A Thief

Nothing worse than a thief of joy.

He'd Definitely Say This

Classic, Michael Scott.

He'd Totally Threaten Him

Watch your back, Toby.

He'd Threaten Him Again

That sounds about right.

He'd Actually Physically Hurt Him

It's mean, but try not to laugh.

He'd Question Toby's Existence

He's waiting for an answer, Toby.

He'd Lie To Toby's Face

Always open and honest with Toby.

He'd Go This Far

Typical Michael.

And, Of Course, He'd React Like This

His world would basically end.

One of the best non-friendships ever.