There Was A Trump Question During Miss Universe

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The question-and-answer session of the Miss Universe pageant is usually interesting to me — the women competing are from all over the world, so they’re bound to have differing opinions on, well, everything. But in order for the women to be able to give good answers, they have to get good questions. Host Steve Harvey asked Miss Kenya what she thought about Donald Trump’s presidency during the Miss Universe competition, proving that there's no escaping talk about the new president — even if you may really need a break. Part of the question was literally about what Miss Kenya was most excited about for Trump's presidency. Umm... maybe not the best thing to ask right now.

I get that Trump’s election is a big deal to the domestic and international community, and I'm sure Miss Kenya has opinions on the issue — as the whole world does — but would she really give her actual thoughts during such a high-profile moment? Probably not. To ask about Donald Trump in a pageant once owned by Donald Trump is strange to begin with, but the questions that Harvey asked were all so American-centric. Isn’t this an international competition, Steve? Miss Universe, not Miss Utah. Not Miss New York or Miss North America. It’s supposed to involve the whole world, and it seemed a little narrowly focused.

Now, would hearing Miss USA or Miss Mexico's opinion on Trump have been interesting? Yes, because he's directly associated with those countries right now. Unfortunately, neither of those countries made it to the question section, so Miss Kenya had to deal with the question instead.

In Miss Kenya’s defense, she gave a very politically correct answer about the President’s ability to unite his voters during the course of his campaign, but you could tell she was rattled by the question. She recovered nicely, but I think Miss Universe should refocus some of their prompts for the next competition.