Storybook Cosmetics Dragon Lipsticks Are Unlike Anything You Have On Your Vanity — PHOTO

Dragons are fantastic creatures, IMO. They are up there with unicorns in terms of their awesome factor. Unicorn-inspired makeup has become a legit "thing" now, thanks to incredibly beautiful products like Tarte's Rainbow Glow highlighter. But I bet you never thought of dragon lipstick, right? What is that? Dragon-inspired? Dragon-hued? Dragon graphics?

Dragon lipstick is the latest invention from the whimsical, literary-influenced makeup line Storybook Cosmetics. According to a post on this buzzy brand’s Instagram, the Storybook Dragon lippies will drop in the fall of 2017. So, what exactly makes them… dragon-like?

Well, the packaging, that's what! The lipstick caps and tubes have carefully carved and visually stunning scales that look like that of the mythical beast.

The brand teased three tubes — silver, rose gold, and gold. Storybook also teased one lipstick bullet x shade in this photo, and it's a wearable reddish pink that looks absolutely gorgeous in the case.

Storybook certainly focuses on whimsical packaging and products. Thankfully, the brand doesn't treat the product or the containers as afterthoughts by any means. Storybook isn't sacrificing function for form, either, as everything appears to be of primo quality, enhanced by a thoughtful aesthetic.

Ready see a lippie that takes inspo from dragons?

All the intel is in the caption. The dragon lippies are coming later this year and during the most appropriate season! These are original and not attached to or licensed by any existing intellectual property. Personally, I hope Storybook names one of the shades "Firebreathing."

ICYMI: Storybook is also launching liquid lipsticks, which will be vegan, as well.