Storybook Cosmetics Teased Quill & Ink Packaging

You've been reading a lot about Storybook Cosmetics lately, right? Storybook Cosmetics is a new brand whose products are inspired by your faves stories.The brand is brainy with its beauty products and its social media, getting people talking through teases and by inviting fans and makeup fiends into their process and world every step of the way.

Understandably, the brand's brushes and the Wizardy & Witchcraft Palette look like works of art and take their inspo from unexpected places. By sharing prototypes of their brushes and by piecemealing details, Storybook's growing cult of supporters feel ownership of the brand and its products, and are embedded into the fabric of the brand's existence. The latest tease is of the Quill & Ink Set. The brand noted in the Instagram caption that the product needed "something else," like a tin storage box.

It's not clear if the navy blue storage box, which is adorned with gold knots, is part of the final packaging for the eyeliner set. The box could be used to store odds and ends or as a safe place for small, special stuff.

Bustle reached out to Storybook Cosmetics to inquire about whether or not the tin is part of the final Quill & Ink packaging or if it's just an idea being floated around and that that will be decided upon based on fan feedback.

Update: Storybook responded to our email on Jan. 3. The tin is happening but the artwork may change.

If the brand does indeed include this tin, it's certainly repurposable in multiple ways.

This is the caption that accompanied the Insta post.

The brand previously posted this shot of the Quill & Ink set. It's so from-another-era and you cannot deny that it is absolutely stunning.

You can see from the volume of likes and comments that the brand is engaging fans and makeupistas with its posts. That's how it is building a name for itself, smartly so!

See what I mean? Storybook involves fans in the intimate processes by asking for feedback and by revealing what its working on. That deepens the connection between the brand and its customers. There's no secrecy —only sorcery!— here.

This caption was posted with the video of the Quill brush. Storybook Cosmetics isn't just figuring out brush angles. It's working the angles with fans in all the right ways. I know I'm hooked! Hey, maybe they will do a makeup set inspired by Peter Pan and Captain Hook! See what I just did there?

Images: Storybook Cosmetics/Instagram (4)