A Magical Quill & Ink Eyeliner Duo Is Coming Soon

Storybook Cosmetics is killing it. Just slaying. I mean, they're dreaming up a quill and ink eyeliner duo hot off the heels of such magical wonders as their Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette, those Magic Wand Makeup Brushes, and that Mean Girls Burn Book Palette. Storybook, just shut up and take my money!

Obvi, the quill and ink eyeliner duo is just a design right now, and not something you can throw money at as fast as your wallet will open. Still, the sketch released on Storybook Cosmetics' Instagram has given us enough ammo to daydream about dipping our quill in our ink pot and penning a makeup masterpiece on our faces. I mean, books aren't the only things that tell stories right? Makeup totally tells a story. It gives us another way to express ourselves, with is part of how we tell our own stories. And if you're not into the whole deep layers of symbolism thing, this brush and ink combo is just going to be freaking cool.

When you're calling upon your inner Shakespeare, or when you just want to use bad ass brushes, this will be your go-to eyeliner duo. How could it not be?

Here's the initial design, which Storybook Cosmetics (via Instagram) says is the first step in the design process. They also reveal that this duo is expected to launch in 2017.

If you absolutely can't wait to have this experience, we've got your back. Stila Cosmetics launched it's La Quill eyeliner brush in 2015.

Stila Cosmetics La Quill Precision Eyeliner Brush, $32 & Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner, $28,

Obviously you need both. Your face is a masterpiece worthy of all the finest tools. Plus, you can do your homework, fill out your expense reports, or pen desperately beautiful love letters in eyeliner now. This is what it's like when wolds collide, and I can't get enough.

Images: Storybook Cosmetics (2), Stila Cosmetics (1)