Storybook Cosmetics' The Secret Garden Brushes Are Ambitious

Well, they are not Harry Potter-inspired makeup magic wands nor are they similar to the arrow-shaped, Bullseye Brush set or the rose tools, which could double as a bouquet when grouped and stored bristles up in a large container. That said, Storybook Cosmetics' The Secret Garden brush collection could be its best and most ambitious yet.

I know, guys, I know. Those are big words, considering just how awe-inspiring and epic the literature-inspired brand's previous brush sets have been. They are works of art — almost too beautiful to use or to sully with powder or cream product. Yep, they are that good.

But here is why I assign "most ambitious" status to this particular set of brushes. In the brand's Instagram post updating fans and tool obsessives about the collection, it confirms that the set will be permanent.

But here's the twist. The Secret Garden brushes will be in a constant state of flux — as Storybook posted, the set will be an "ongoing, always changing, always evolving collection." That means it will be consistently updated, aesthetically speaking.

As Storybook also noted in the caption, the brand has tons of ideas for future versions of this favorite collection. The first in the series of new ideas is brushes with handmade, dried flowers in the handle, which go on sale soon.

The brand is currently choosing the flowers that will be featured in the handles and will then ship them off for production. This edition looks gorgeous — another brush bouquet for your vanity. The Storybook brushes essentially ask to be stored on your vanity, for all guests and visitors to see. They have tons of ideas and plan to execute them all.

The rose brushes look like actual... roses! The long-stemmed handles, the red brush heads... totally gorg. The brand really has hit on something with flower motif brushes, right?

I mean... I'd prefer someone hand me this bouquet than that of real flowers.

Storybook Cosmetics owns it with its tools. Each set slays in its own way.