There Are 'Stranger Things' Books Coming Soon & One Is About Eleven's Mom

by Sadie Trombetta
Courtesy of Netflix

The third season of Stranger Things may not come out until 2019, but fans will be reunited with their favorite Hawkins friends sooner than they think — that is, if they don't mind staying up all night reading instead of staying up all night watching. According to Deadline, several different Stranger Things books are coming, and the first one hits shelves this fall.

On Friday, Deadline announced that Penguin Random House and Netflix are teaming up to create a number of books based on the Duffer Brothers' supernatural series, Stranger Things. Starting this fall, the publishing company will release a handful of titles for both adults and young readers that takes them inside the fiction world of Hawkins, Indiana, and behind-the-scenes of the hit show.

The first title to hit shelves will be Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down, an official companion book that will show readers how the Duffer Brothers created one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It will be followed by a still untitled hardcover gift book for young readers that will, according to the publisher, feature “advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things world." Will it include advice for outrunning a Demogorgon, fashion advice from Barb, or decorating tips from Joyce Byers? Readers will have to wait until the fall to find out.

While a gift book and an official series guide sound exciting, the title fans — or at least, this fan — will be most anxiously waiting for is the planned Stranger Things prequel that is due out next spring. Written by author Gwenda Bond, the novel will explore the life of Eleven's mother and the infamous yet still mysterious MKUltra program that gave Eleven and the others their powers.

Cue the Hopper Happy Dance.

Bond, who is the author of a YA series about Lois Lane and the Cirque American series, took to Twitter to share her excitement over the news. According to the author, the prequel is "about Eleven's mother Terry and her intersection with the MKUltra program and you're going to get to know and love her in a whole new way."

Since Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in July 2016, fans have been fascinated with the paranormal world of Hawkins. Over the course of two seasons, viewers have fallen in love with Eleven, Mike, and their group of misfit friends, and become obsessed with unravelling the mystery of the Upside Down. When they weren't busy trying to uncover the truth about what really goes down in the Hawkins National Laboratory, they've stanned for Jonathan and Nancy, they've waited on bated breath for Will's safe return home, they've demanded justice for Barb.

What they haven't done is gotten a whole lot of answers. Who exactly is Eleven's mother, and what happened to her all those years ago? How was it, exactly, that they became test subjects in the MKUltra program, and how many other people were involved? Is the project still ongoing, did it create the Upside Down, and is the Demogorgon finally defeated? Although the upcoming books won't answer all of these questions, the prequel will at least reveal some of the fascinating story behind the supernaturally afflicted town of Hawkins, and hopefully, the truth about its most famous residents.

Although there is still no official release date yet, fans of Stranger Things can expect to see the first two books about the popular series to arrive in bookstores this fall, and the highly anticipated series prequel in the spring of 2019. Until then, there are still two seasons of Stranger Things available on Netflix right now.