This 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Spoiler Will Make Dustin & Steve Fans So Happy

There's some good news coming out of Hawkins, Indiana for a change. According to Glamour, Stranger Things Season 3 will have more Steve and Dustin bonding. Executive producer Shawn Levy confirmed to the site that the bromance that stole the show in Season 2 will continue to grow in Season 3. As usual, the people who make Stranger Things (series writer: Kate Trefry, nine episodes) happen didn't offer up any specifics, but if Gaten Matarazzo has his way, Steve and Dustin's friendship will be about more than comic relief as they move forward.

Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, told Glamour,

"I want them to have a connection like they've really had a connection for a year — like they're brothers. He's never had that, so I feel like Steve is definitely someone in that sense who could be that person to him."

Seeing Steve become a significant male presence in Dustin's life could be rewarding for the characters and the fans. A bit of that dynamic was already on display in the season finale when Steve gave Dustin some advice about his hair and leading with confidence as he entered the Snowball winter formal. There was definitely a brotherly vibe between the two, and that's something the show can naturally build on as the kids prepare to face off with whatever evil that will be brewing in Hawkins come Season 3.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Off-camera, Matarazzo and his co-star Joe Keery seem to be well-aware of just how much the fans appear to love their characters' friendship. They even gave a sly nod to the Season 2 finale while walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Matarazzo and Keery both showed up rocking the exact same slicked back hairstyle, and yes, it was too adorable for words.

Knowing that there's more Steve and Dustin goodness to come is a relief, especially since Stranger Things can be nothing short of stressful sometimes — and that's not something that's going to change anytime soon. It's still early days for Season 3, but executive producer Shawn Levy did reveal to Glamour that the Duffer brothers have the stories all planned out, and it's looking like the season will consist of eight or nine episodes.

Levy teased that a new evil will be plaguing the gang soon, but one character is getting a tiny break from the relentless emotional drama that comes with living in Hawkins. After another intense year of Upside Down problems, it looks like the perpetually beleaguered Will Byers will be getting a well-deserved break. Levy explained to the site,

"We're going to give Will a break. We're not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He'll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah Schnapp to play."

If Will's not going to be at the center of Hawkins next supernatural calamity then the question is, who's going to be dealing with the brunt of these new evil forces? Eleven feels like the safe answer, but it's best not to take anything at face value in the world of Stranger Things. At this stage, any one of the characters could be facing imminent danger, and that includes the dream team that is Dustin and Steve.

Hopefully, the guys will stay safe in Season 3, but no matter what scariness the Upside Down serves up next, it's nice to know that the series will continue to explore the wonderfully unexpected friendship of Steve and Dustin. They may seem like an odd couple, but these two guys were the MVPs of Season 2, and they deserve to share hair tips and chase demodogs for years to come.