Jonathan From ‘Stranger Things’ Is In A New Movie That Looks Scarier Than A Demogorgon

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For those Stranger Things fans who think Hawkins, Indiana is just a little too tame, Charlie Heaton's new movie Marrowbone might be worth the trip to the theater. The psychological thriller, out in theaters and on demand April 13 (why yes, that is a Friday), looks at a rather creepy family who is being haunted by a monster living on their farm. And while the trailer for Marrowbone doesn't give too much away, it's safe to say this demon might be even scarier than a Demogorgon.

The first hint that the Marrowbone family, which is mourning the recent loss of their mother, might be in trouble comes in the first few seconds of the trailer. There, it's explained that these siblings — played by Heaton, Mia Goth, George MacKay, and Matthew Stagg — have "come very far and endured many hardships, but, at last, we have found the place where we can be safe." Well, think again.

The directorial debut from Sergio G. Sánchez, who wrote The Impossible and The Orphanage, isn't some cuddly story about a family of orphans that finds a safe space to live. No, Marrowbone is about a family trying to pick up the pieces after the tragic loss of their mother and outsmart the haunted house that they've taken refuge in. Turns out, this house has "another, more sinister, inhabitant" that is making their lives even more difficult — not to mention, scary.

While the littlest brother swears he's seen something, the audience only gets a peek at the slender claws of the monster that is trying to tear this family apart. "Nothing, no one ever will separate us," McKay tells the others. Those sound like some famous last words right there, no?

Like Stranger Things, Heaton's new movie will have the kids taking things into their own hands. Mainly because if anyone knows that the Marrowbone siblings are without a guardian, they risk being separated forever. Already, the locals are concerned about these kids' antisocial behavior. Though, to be fair, if you think there's a monster hiding in your floorboards, you might not feel too chatty.

From the looks of the trailer, Heaton's once again being the epitome of the doting older brother. He's trying to keep things normal with game nights, (Monopoly should certainly keep your mind off the creepy things under your bed for a few hours, right?) and throwing bricks down elevator shafts to keep the demon at bay. You know, totally normal brother stuff. That is, at least for the kinds of brothers Heaton gets cast to play.

Heaton's new character might even give Jonathan Byers a run for his money in the good guy department since he's got even more siblings to protect. Let's just cross our fingers the Marrowbones all get out of this one alive and no one's the Bob of this group.

If Heaton's casting wasn't already a hint that this one could get weird, knowing the new scream queen Anya Taylor-Joy is also starring in the film should prepare you to sleep with the lights on. Taylor-Joy — who plays Allie, a local who strikes up a friendship with the family — was the star of the indie hit The Witch. You know, the one with the devilish goat that haunted your dreams? She also starred in M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller Split with James McAvoy. (Don't worry, Taylor-Joy also lost her mind over that Split ending. Only time will tell if Marrowbone's ending will be as mind-blowing.)

So, while you wait for Season 3 of Stranger Things, you can keep things weird with Heaton, whose upcoming movie has him starring alongside even scarier monsters. Just don't tell Joyce Byers; she's been through enough already.