Stream 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?' Before You Watch 'Feud' To Really Understand 'Bette & Joan's Battle

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Even if you don't know much about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, you probably know about the dramatic relationship between the two, a focal point of Ryan Murphy's new FX anthology, Feud: Bette and Joan. Predictably, each new season of the show will follow a relationship that's made history in the headlines and behind the scenes, and it's no surprise that Murphy has chosen to start off his series with such an iconic one. The eight-episode series will focus on the rift that was most prominent during the filming of the actors' iconic movie, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? If you haven't seen the film, I recommend you do immediately. And, you can even stream What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? to make your viewing experience super simple.

The premise of the movie sounds pretty similar to the real life feud that accompanied the classic 1962 film. The movie is about two aging sisters: Jane Hudson (Bette Davis), a former childhood star, and Blanche (Joan Crawford), a former Hollywood actor who is now crippled thanks to a car crash that she was involved in with her sister. The psychological thriller follows Blanche as she tries to get even with her sister for ruining her career, while Jane is determined to keep her sister imprisoned... at least, until she can more or less get rid of her.

Here are some places around the web where you can find this classic film, which you probably want to watch before Feud airs, so you understand exactly how crazy things were on screen and behind-the-scenes of this dramatic film.

For The Media Lover: Amazon

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Amazon continues to be a leading website for a place to find movies, books and music, so head over to Amazon and rent or buy the film here.

For The Apple Lover: iTunes

Only a hardcore Apple user? No problem! Download it on iTunes and watch on whatever device you choose.

For The Gadget/Tech Lover: VUDU

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Rent or own the film in standard Or HD at VUDU, which is always a good place to find films if you're used to only using a certain website.

Whatever way you choose to watch What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Just don't forget to keep the lights on during some of the more scary parts, and you'll be fine.