Super Bowl Memes That Non-Football Fans Can Enjoy

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Bob Levey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When it comes to quality Super Bowl memes in 2017, I'm biased. Because I don't understand football and don't enjoy watching the Super Bowl, I don't get most of the jokes that are embedded in the memes. But what I do get are jokes about not wanting to watch the Super Bowl and generally not understanding sports or American sports cheer in general. Like, can someone get this excited about American Poetry Awards or a national Mathletes competition? Now that I'd get into.

Don't get me wrong, I've tried. Over the years, countless friends have made efforts to help me understand. To walk me through the plays. To explain the challenges and the time outs. But it's just never held my attention span. All of the stoping and going leaves way too much time to pick up my phone and get lost in an Instagram-hole or start online shopping for satin pillowcases. Yes, my interest in football is slim. And when you have no natural interest in something, it's much harder to wrap your head around it. And that's fine. We Americans don't all have to like the same things. Freedom, baby.

So while the rest of the internet is laughing about all of the inside jokes on the mainstream memes, us Super Bowl abstainers can laugh about our own breed of jokes. Here are a few of my favorite memes that really highlight how crazy the whole Super Bowl extravaganza can be:

But Like Really

How does everyone know about football? Was there a memo I missed? Did it go to my spam folder?

The One Time The Lights Went Out

And every clumsy or insecure fan in the stadium worried they somehow were responsible.

Me Tho

TBH, I use Super Bowl Sunday as a day to sit on the couch stuffing my face and *not* watching football or socializing.

The Closest Beyonce Ever Got To Pokemon...


... was when someone made this meme.

Watching The Game Like...

When you don't understand sports and you just cheer when everyone else cheers and grunts when everyone else grunts and secretly can't wait for the commercial breaks.

When You Really Just DGAF

And you secretly want both teams to lose so that everyone's unhappy...

Prolly, Tho

I mean, our football is not nearly as exciting as their "football".

Hey Now, Hey Now

"This is what dreams are made of."


Seemed like a good idea until you realized it's a lot of effort for an excuse to go ham on snacks and not leave the couch. You can just do that anyway!

Oh Yeah...

That time when this super adorable thing happened. OK, OK, football isn't all bad.