Sounds Like You'll Need Your Tissues For 'Supergirl' Season 3

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Even if you have summer shows to keep you occupied, waiting for fall premieres can be rough. Any bit of information is a welcome gift, especially when it comes to genre shows with rich comic book material that can be devoured and obsessively researched. That's where San Diego Comic-Con comes in. In a roundtable with reporters at SDCC, Bustle was able to gather from the cast and writers some clues about Supergirl Season 3 that'll have you counting the days until it's back.

The Season 2 cliffhangers guarantee a little darkness both for the world and for Kara herself, but when it comes to details, everyone's lips are sealed. "I have no idea," insists Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy) about the specific direction of Season 3. "I have no idea." A likely story.

Supergirl executive producer Robert Rovner hints that "thematically this season is gonna be about humanity and each character is going to be dealing with their emotions and their human feelings." Will the Legion of Superheroes make an appearance, maybe in a crossover episode? "I don't know anything about that," says executive producer Jessica Queller. Both Rovner and Queller are the new showrunners for Supergirl this season.

They have to stay tight-lipped on some of this stuff — you don't want the whole season to be ruined. But the show's cast and creative were able to reveal a couple of juicy Supergirl spoilers:

The Baby In The Pod Is Called Reign

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Two seasons in a row have ended with a mystery DC comics character in a pod, and both times the identity of that character has been revealed over the summer hiatus. This season's pod person is Reign, played by actor Odette Annabelle.

"Reign is one of five world killers," teases Annabelle. "She's sent to Earth from Krypton, much like Kara and Clark were. She's unlike any villain that we've seen on Supergirl in Season 1 or 2 in the way that she's not out to kill everybody. That's not her motive. She doesn't want to rule the Earth ... she has a very specific agenda and her story is powerful, scary, and really heartbreaking."

She's a true match for our hero, it sounds like. "I'm worried for Kara," adds Melissa Benoist.

Get excited for her costume too, though it won't be exactly the way DC comics drew Reign — that would take too many hours in the makeup chair. "There will be some nods to the original character," Annabelle promises.

More Lena Luthor, Always

Katie McGrath will be a series regular on Supergirl Season 3. "You'll see [Lena in] an interesting new role," says executive producer Robert Rovner, "and she'll have a surprising connection to Reign."

That's both exciting and maybe worrisome for some fans who don't want to see Lena "go evil" in any capacity. Coming from a villainous family is her constant struggle. One bad day could theoretically turn her. "She's a ticking time bomb," says executive producer Jessica Queller. "Which way will she go?"

Mon-El Is Probably Not Gone

"I think the biggest hint I can give," says actor Chris Wood, "is that I'm here and I'm on the panel and I didn't break and enter Comic-Con."

So the Daxamite's storyline will likely continue. What I do know about it," adds Wood, "I'm very excited about. I think it's gonna add a whole new dimension to the show. Something that I think will make fans happy." How cryptic! Maybe Mon-El will show up in a literal new dimension, a la The Flash.

Bad News For Winn

While he likely won't become the Toyman until about Season 5, actor Jeremy Jordan jokes, things are likely going to take a turn for Kara's guy in the chair.

"He's living his life," says Jordan. "He's got a hot alien girlfriend. He's got, like, the best job. He's got a side gig where he's fighting crime with his best friend. When that sort of thing happens in TV you know the only way to go from there is down."

Winn may be jovial most of the time, but he's been through a lot. "I think we're gonna explore some more of his past this season," Jordan says, "We don't know anything about his mom." Even his relationship with Kara is still somewhat strained. "There's a disconnect between that hasn't fully been hashed out yet," he says. Unearthing demons doesn't necessarily mean turning to the dark side. It'll be interesting to see what journey Winn takes.

The Cat Comes Back

My favorite tease came, unsurprisingly, from the star herself. No need to worry, Season 3 isn't holding out on the Grant goodness.

"Calista [Flockhart]'s in the first episode this season," Benoist says, "and the way that they integrated her in is so brilliant and clever. I can't wait for people to see it. First of all it's hilarious, also it's very relevant."

I'm guessing that means that Cat Grant has a TV show — but we'll have to wait and see.

Martian Manhunter's New Connection

David Harewood teases that "there's a big surprise in Episode 3 that's huge for J'onn and huge for the show and huge for Martian Manhunter fans." He then goes on to praise how Supergirl pulls in actors with connections to the comic book lore — so I'm predicting that this surprise will involve a surprise actor with DC roots.

As for Miss Martian, that like other recurring characters depends on cast availability, Harewood says, though she'll likely pop back at some point.

About That Alien Bar...

It still doesn't have a name! "There are furious debates about what it should be called," laughs Rovner. Maybe a Twitter poll will solve it.

All of these clues seem promising for Supergirl Season 3. The cast is pumped about Reign. These characters are going to continue to grow. And there are plenty of mysteries that fans can get cracking on already.

Additional reporting by Kelsea Stahler