Swatches Of Anastasia Beverly Hills' Single Eyeshadows Prove That This Summer Is Bright

The rainbow trend is in full swing. But instead of putting all the colors together like some beauty brands, this one is letting you pick your favorites. According to their social media announcement, Anastasia Beverly Hills created twelve new single eyeshadow shades for summer and the swatches are incredible. Let's just say that if you're looking to make a statement this season, this brand has you covered.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is already an established eyeshadow brand in the beauty world. They've most recently created their Modern Renaissance Palette, which didn't take long to turn into a cult classic. But their single shadows are just as great. So great that they're actually expanding the line for the upcoming season. According to the brand's Instagram post, there are twelve new shades coming, ranging from pearly white to deep, shimmery purple.

As far as when you can shop, you should get your wallets ready now. ABH's twelve new single eyeshadow will arrive on May 16 on the brand's website. Although the Instagram announcement didn't say exactly how much the shadows will be, there's no doubt in my mind that they will be $12 each. That's the same price as the other single pans on the website.

If these swatches are any indication of summer trends, it's going to be a bright one. I'm not mad at it, either. But just because these shades are launching for summer doesn't mean that they're limited edition. All twelve of the gorgeous shimmer and matte shades will be a part of the permanent collection on the website.

ABH's current single shadow collection has 104 shades in it. That's a whole lot of color, people. Adding in the twelve new shades, that brings the permanent collection up to 116. What I love so much about the pans are that they work so well with a variety of skin tones, as their Instagram swatches show.

Bottom line: get your wallets ready, because these twelve shadows are incredible. There are tons of different products popping up all over the place, but these tried and true eye shades are too gorgeous to pass up.