Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Launching A New Palette & The Swatches Are Actually Incredible

Anastasia Beverly Hills mades some of the most sought after products in the beauty world. From their iconic Glow Kits to their cult classic Modern Renaissance Palette, the brand certainly knows how to craft coveted products. Now, Anastasia Beverly Hills' Soft Glam Palette has made its appearance online. While the circumstances surrounding the reveal is kind of a bummer, the palette is no less gorgeous.

On Monday, Anastasia Beverly Hills announced their new Soft Glam palette, but it wasn't quite the celebration the brand had hoped. The product leaked online, and they were forced to announce the product themselves. In the announcement, the brand explained that they had taken time to craft teases and videos for their fans, but they'd been made to reveal the palette early. The brand explained, "Unfortunately our next palette was leaked on Instagram today, before we could have a chance to present it to the world. We are a bit heartbroken as we planned videos to tease the launch, along with our reveal video and subsequent campaign photography. You will still see it all, but the element of surprise is gone, however before more of you see leaked photos of Soft Glam, we want a chance to show those of you that haven’t yet seen the leaked photos."

Anastasia Beverly Hills president Claudia Soare — also known as Norvina — took to both her Instagram and Twitter to lament the leak. She explained that doing so was selfish and disrespectful to brands and teams who have put such hard work into palettes.

While upset, Soare did decide to reveal the rest of the palette herself via her Snapchat. She took to the platform to swatch the shadows, and honestly, they're just so gorgeous.


From gorgeous shimmers to stunning mattes, this palette is neutral heaven.


Despite Soare's assertion that she sucks at swatches, the palette swatches look gorgeous.


According to Soare's Twitter and Instagram, the neutral shades were designed for her mother, Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Anastasia Soare. Claudia explained that her mother has always been the queen of neutrals, and it inspired her to craft a palette that would be perfect for her, but also great for people who love every day shadows that "melt on your skin and are packed with pigment."

It's clear from these swatches that the shadows are, in fact, packed with pigment. Fans noticed, too. They were quick to rally around both Soare and the brand after the palette leaked. While many expressed their sadness that she had to deal with another leak — the Subculture palette leaked back in May of last year — they praised the gorgeous new products.

Dance party for Soft Glam? Yes, please!

The swatches look so pigmented.

Like, actually faint worry to some fans.

Fans are straight up stoked.

No words needed.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is coming for everyone's cash with this new product.

While hugs were sent to Soare, the overwhelming reaction seems to be tons of love for Soft Glam.

The way in which the palette was revealed is beyond unfortunate. Not only was Soare unable to reveal her own work, her own way, but her team who works by her side were also not allowed to showcase their hard work through teaser images and videos.

Despite the sadness, though, the Soft Glam palettes is a gorgeous, neutral, every day addition to the ABH lineup. With browns, mauves, and pinks, it's going to be a must-have for fans of the brand.

Get ready for March, fans, because this palette is coming at you — and you won't want to miss it.