Swatches Of Bitter Lace Beauty's Siren Song Highlighter Will Have You Mesmerized

Bitter Lace Beauty is back at it with the groundbreaking highlighters. You might remember the brand for their iconic Rainbow Highlighter that others started duping, but now they're adding even more color into the mix. They revealed a brand new highlight on their Instagram that you have to see to believe. Siren Song is a multi-dimensional shade that is just as magical as the name. Trust me when I say that swatches of Bitter's Lace Beauty's Siren Song will have you mesmerized.

It's no secret that this company is one of the best when it comes to producing amazing highlighters. The indie brand takes a while to restock and add new shades to their collection, but their latest proves that it's always worth the wait. Along with restocking some of their existing bestsellers, they added another color to their permanent collection.

Siren Song is a dusty-pink shade that will look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones. When the light hits this color it picks up specks of orange, violet, and even teal in it. I can pretty much guarantee that you've never seen anything like this before. There's no launch date for Siren Song yet, but their Instagram post says that it will be out with their next restock in March.

I'll pause here while you play that video another fifty times. Siren Song would look just as gorgeous used as eyeshadow as on the cheeks, in my opinion. It i stunning just sitting in the pan too.

This isn't the only exciting part of Bitter Lace Beauty's restock either. Their very first multi-colored highlighter is getting a little update. While the colors and the print are staying the same, it will now smell like cake batter. Hence, the design of the swatch.

Get those wallets ready, people. This is one restock that you won't want to miss. With all the classics in stock and new shades on the way, what better excuse could you need to spend some cash?