Twitter Is Losing It Over Videos Of Rihanna’s New Body Glitter

by Kali Borovic

Hold onto your makeup bags, because Fenty Beauty is back with another collection. According to the brand's social media posts, Fenty Beauty created body highlighters to get your spring off to a sparkly start. Swatches of Fairy Bomb and Body Lava will show you exactly how Rihanna gets her glow. If this kind of glow is a trade off for all the upcoming April showers, then that's totally fine with fans.

Everything that Rihanna touches seems to turn to gold — and not just her Trophy Wife Highlighter. Fenty Beauty announced two new body highlighting products in an Instagram post and immediately followed up with a how-to from the founder herself. Get ready to be mesmerized because Fairy Bomb and Body Lava are hard to look away from.

Rihanna is seen in the video putting a few pumps of the Body Lava in the shade Who Needs Clothes onto her shoulder. She then takes the Kabuki Brush to buff it into her skin. After that, well, let's just say that you'll be checking your bank account. Because this kind of glow is just too good to pass up.

Both of the new products will be available on the Fenty Beauty and Sephora websites on April 3, according to the Instagram photo. Here's the full video, so you can see why that date is so important.

Body Lava will be available in two different shades — Who Needs Clothes and Brown Sugar. The first is a light, rose gold shimmer, while the second has a slightly more golden tint. Both of the products melt into the skin to create a gorgeous glow.

As if that isn't already enough, there's another shimmery product to go along with it. According to the brand's Instagram, Fairy Bomb is also on the way. The product is a giant fuzzy ball that contains glitter. Rihanna is shown in the how-to video squeezing the puff and then rubbing it on her chest.

The product, which the brand calls Puff Puff Pass, gives off a gorgeous, subtle glitter. This isn't your typical gimmick of the early '00s though. The shimmer is subtle enough to make you look like you have the summery, after a beach day glow.

Fans are freaking out over the launch of the new product. Seeing as almost every other product that the singer has launched has proved to be just as great and versatile as they promised. People are hoping that these two new shimmery products are the same.

According to Twitter, this ins already the product of the summer — and it's only the beginning of spring. People are already looking forward to covering their bodies with these highlighters all season long.

Although the brand has yet to announce how much the products will cost, there's a good chance that they will sell out regardless. Thankfully, there are a lot of different places to shop, because pretty much everyone is going to want to get their hands on this product. Especially is these fan reactions are any indication.

Actual footage of Fenty Beauty fans this summer.

All the heart-eye emojis for the founder of this stunning product.

Consider this your warning.

Blocking out every single one of the haters with all of this shine.

But is there any other way to be?

Eventually we will all be at least 10 percent Body Lava.

The excitement is real. Don't you dare call it excessive.

Head-to-toe glow, my friends.

Brighter than the sun probs.

To say that people are excited about this new product is an understatement.