See IRL Swatches Of ColourPop's Polishes

If there's one brand that is constantly keeping their fans on their toes, it's ColourPop. The company is constantly coming out with new and exciting launches, and this time it's all about the nails. While the preview has been up on their website for a while now, the first swatches of ColourPop's Polishes are finally here. Let's just say that after seeing the color power in these little bottles, you'll definitely be ready to shop.

ColourPop might have taken some time off of their launches lately, but they're making up for it in a major way. On July 7 at 1 p.m. ET, they're launching their full line of polishes, Crystal Crush Collection, and restocking the Yes, Please Palette. I hope you've been saving, because there's a whole lot to love. While you've probably already caught up on the two beauty launches, the ColourPop Polishes have been kept a secret — until now, that is.

Their seven shades — Be Fairy Afraid, Dust A Dream, First Wings First, I Wand It That Way, Pixie-lated, and One Wish, Two Wish — are all up for preview on the ColourPop website. The colors range from gorgeous pink and blue pastels to a holographic silver and white. But just to make things even more exciting the swatches are here too.

The first look that ColourPop shared was a stunning ombre and embellished design. If you were wondering if the shades look good together and on their own, this is proof that they do. The look combines Pixied-lated, First Wings First, and One Wish, Two Wish for a stunning multi-colored nail look.

Courtesy ColourPop

The second look is for the plain color lovers out there. It highlights the shades First Wings First and Be Fairy Afraid with some adorable nail decals. It's incredible to see how well these two shades work together. According to previous Bustle coverage, each ColourPop Polish shade will be $6 each, but you'll have to pick up the jewels and sequins on your own.

If this doesn't get you ready for the launch, then I don't know what will. Remember to set your alarms for July 7 at 1 p.m. ET, because something tells me these little bottles won't be around for long.