ColourPop Nail Polish Will Be Here Soon

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

This brand is constantly giving beauty lovers something to get excited about, and that’s part of the reason why checking their social media has become somewhat of an addiction of mine. When is ColourPop’s nail polish line coming out? The company’s venturing into uncharted territory, and trust me, you’re going to want to be a part of it!

For the first time ever, ColourPop is launching a lacquer that’s not meant for your face! They’re coming out with six limited edition shades of nail polish that are perfect for summer. According to a press release, this is something that has been highly requested by fans. Clearly, they take their customer feedback seriously because they’ve come up with colors that ColourPoppers are sure to love!

There’s everything from light, iridescent pink to teal blue, all inspired by fairies. So, this is just the kind of thing you need to take your colorful beauty to the next level this summer. Forget unicorns and mermaids — fairy beauty is what it’s all about now, and ColourPop is here to make sure of it! The polishes launch on the ColourPop website on July 7, and if this launch is as popular as all the rest, you’ll want to scoop up your fave polishes ASAP.

This collection's got all the shimmer and color you could need this season.

Like everything that comes from the brand, these polishes are super affordable. They're going for $6 each.

They have fun colors and cute names. This one, for example, is called "I Wand It That Way," so there are plenty of reasons for you to want to purchase a shade or two from this range.

Fans are super excited for all of the brightly colored manicures in their future!

Meanwhile, some would much rather see more of the products ColourPop's become known for.

ColourPop takes feedback very seriously. They've just announced several items will be restocked and/or launch at a later date because they want to focus on getting orders out to the loyal customers who already purchased products. So, if there's something you'd like to see from them, just let the know!

Along with the perfect products for your summer mani, they're also launching setting sprays and more crystal-infused items in the near future.

This brand is still growing and doesn't seem to have plans on slowing down anytime soon, so stay tuned for all of the excitement to come! And yes, that includes nail polish.