ColourPop Is Coming Out With A Completely New Product & The Swatches Are RIDICULOUS

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy ColourPop

Not a week goes by that ColourPop doesn't launch something new. This time, it's all about the loose powders. They're anything but your average shimmers though. Swatches of ColourPop's Super Star Pigments are truly out of this world. Between the colors and the formula, you won't believe your eyes — especially when you see the price tag.

In case you're keeping track, this is the TK eyeshadow formula from the brand. It started off with Super Shock Shadows, before jumping on the pressed powder bandwagon. Now there are 12 different shades of loose powders shadows freshly added to the website. These are not your average shimmery shades through.

You are fully in control of how you wear these pigments. Each one can be used wet, dry, or a combination of both, depending on what look you're going for. A drop of water turns these shades into chrome liquids like you've never seen before. When they go on wet, it works as the ultimate lid topper.

But the best part about these shades are that they won't cost you. Each Super Star Pigment is $5 each. That's the same price as the rest of the shadow formulas. If you're looking to stock up on all 12 of the shades, you can bundle them as well. Instead of getting the entire lot for $60, you can snag them for $50. Pinch yourself because you're not dreaming.

Courtesy ColourPop

ColourPop handles every launch the same. The brand starts out with a handful of wearable and shocking colors in a certain formula and then continues to roll out more in the coming weeks. There's no doubt that launch one will be the same. ColourPop never increases the price of the products and often comes up with even more bundles to save their customers money.

The brand started out with 12 shades that range from subtle pinks to bright purples and a gold and green in-between. The colors are great for adding a little bit of color to your makeup for spring. While some of the shade might look a bit intimidating in the pot, they actually super versatile. You can mute the hues down by using them as powder or really make them pop with a few drops of water. These Super Star Pigments can even be used as liner, if you use the right brush.

According to the brand's description, the pigments are made up of a blend of super fine pigments in different shades. This makes the shades iridescent when applied. You can really tell how much shine the pigment has when used wet. Just one look at how versatile it is, and you won't believe that it's only $5.

According to the brand's product description, the Super Star Pigments can be used with the ColourPop brushes. The brushes are synthetic, so you won't need a special one to work with the pigments. Just about any shader brush will apply these shades flawlessly.

Unfortunately, the brushes don't come with the pigments. If you want to shop the tools, you'll have to stock up separately. The particular one that ColourPop shows in the videos is the Medium Shader Brush. It's available on the website for $6. The videos also shows the in-house makeup artist using the Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray to wet the pigments. You can snag a bottle for yourself for $6 as well.

It truly doesn't get more affordable than this. These are drugstore products, my friends.

Courtesy ColourPop

All of the Super Star Pigments are currently available on the ColourPop website right now. Whether you're looking to try out a new formula or just add some extra color to your makeup bag, you really can't go wrong.