The Burger-Themed Eye Palette Is Finally Here — And You Need To See The Pickles Shade

Courtesy of Glamlite Cosmetics

You might not normally associate your food with your foundation or eyeshadow beyond various dessert-themed products. However, Glamlite Cosmetics is bridging that gap via clever packaging and aesthetics. The brand that brought you the Pizza Palette is back with more savory, fast food-influenced makeup. Glamlite's Burger Eyeshadow Palette is now available for pre-order via the indie brand's site and orders will begin shipping out on April 24. You'll have to supply your own fries and milkshakes, though.

The Burger Palette is diner-inspired and shaped like a juicy, well-done burger with all of the fixins. But it's what under the bun that's pretty gorgeous. There are 16 circular pans of eyeshadows are inspired by and named after beloved burger toppings like ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, and pickles. The shadows span the color spectrum. But there are no low-key neutrals here. The Burger Palette is all about vibrant and delicious pops of color. There are three neon shades that will electrify your lids. There are two diamond shadows to give you all the lid bling you've ever needed or wanted. There are four shimmer hues and seven pigment-saturated mattes that have the most buttery texture. You can get so creative with all the colors that comprise this set.

It's also vegan and cruelty-free, despite the meat-themed presentation. So anyone can use it.

The palette is $40, which averages out to about $2.50 per pan of shadow. That's a major deal for this set, which will travel well. An added bonus is that any time you whip it out of your makeup bag when surrounded by friends, it will start a conversation.

The swatches demonstrate just how bright, bold, and wearable most of the shades are. The reds are juicy like fresh tomatoes and the greens are zesty like pickles. This palette is also perfectly timed since it arrives in time for summer barbecue season.

If the Glamlite Burger Palette seems a bit gimmicky, well, it is. However, the brand doesn't skimp on quality when it comes to the actual makeup itself. Those colors and textures, though.

Courtesy of Glamlite Cosmetics

The packaging is really fun and the shell mimics a giant, sesame seed-sprinkled bun.

Followers were, ahem, eating this palette up in the busy comments of Instagram posts revealing the hues. Fans let the brand know they already ordered theirs and that they were stoked about the color selection. Shoppers also espoused their love for Pizza Palette's color payoff and shared that they were expecting the same here.

This user enthused, "...Y'all are eyeshadow gods! I need this burger all over my face," while another commented, "I can't wait to get my hands and eyes on ALL of THIS deliciousness." This follower wrote, "This is gorgeous! So much prettier than I ever excepted a burger palette to be able to look," and effectively encapsulated the brilliance of Glamlite. The brand finds the beauty in the mundane.

While sweet treats often influence cosmetic products and accessories, plenty of not-so-obvious foods have become such a major source of inspiration in the fashion and beauty realms in the past few years. From Dunkin Donuts sneakers to Avocado Toast kicks and beyond, food is everywhere and not just on your plate. It's also on your feet and your face. The Glamlite Burger Palette is an excellent execution of this concept.