Huda's Highlighting Palettes Are Dreamy

by Rachel Nussbaum

When Huda Kattan dropped shots of the Huda Beauty 3D Highlight in action on Wednesday, things got real. Breaking news, they're gorgeous. But who would expect anything less from the queen of trying every trend in the book? You've gotta pick up a few things along the way — and lucky for us, the palettes looks Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants pants-level amazing. The beauty guru gave fans a glimpse of how the highlighters look on a span of different skin tones straight off the presses at Huda Beauty headquarters, and rest assured that the swatches don't disappoint.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette, $45, Huda Beauty

Launching from her brand in April, Kattan didn't specify which of the two $45 highlighter palettes is swatched on which arm in the image below, but the choices are the Pink Sands Palette, ideal for fair to medium skin tones, or the Golden Sands Palette, which glows on medium to dark skin tones. From my careful analysis of the evidence (i.e. looking back and forth at the palettes and swatches at least 13 times), I'm inclined to say that working from top to bottom, we're looking at the Golden Sands, then the Pink Sands on fair skin, Pink then Golden on the medium, and Golden, then Pink on the darker.

A fun puzzle for your morning! The tell is the gleaming white shade in Pink Sands. But wherever you look, the highlighters don't disappoint.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette in Pink Sands, $45, Huda Beauty

Kattan and co. managed to pretty much maintain the color scheme between palettes, just slightly tweaked — which does add to the confusion above, but basically guarantees that few fans will be disappointed.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette in Golden Sands, $45, Huda Beauty

The 3D Highlights break away from the classic palette model of a ton of different highlighters that you can either layer or pick and choose between, with carefully curated, step-by-step shades to create your "3D" face with max sculpting, zero striping.

It's basically Instagram-excellent makeup for dummies, in the best possible way, which is what I need. With two highlighters, blush and a contour, each shade is labelled with its step on the palette. Kattan's never been one for coloring inside the lines, but with the 3D Highlights, it doesn't look so bad.

Images: Courtesy of Brand