Swatches of Lancome's Matte Shaker Lippies

by Rachel Nussbaum

Fans of smol, cute applicators, matte finishes, and pop art shades, Lancome's newest liquid lipstick revamp is here for your needs. Where Kylie's embracing the sheen life, the new Matte Shaker liquid lipsticks leave their glossy Juicy Shaker past behind (themselves a spin on the brand's OG Juicy Tubes, shout out to middle school). The Shakers snagged people right in the hearts with their easy nub applicator and iridescent gleam, and the Matte Shakers keep half of that with a bold, opaque jolt of color look. The nub remains! Thank God, it's a fun nub.

Swatches of Lancome's Matte Shaker lippies hit the internet this weekend in seven colors fit for a Warhol print. A dark fuchsia, bright orange, peachy nude, blue red, rosy petal, tomato red and electric pink fill out the range, with the campaign featuring the Shakers' high intensity look. Checks out — the nub makes for a dabbing application that builds color evenly, or allows for a gradient finish if you're feeling like living Instagram.

Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick, $22, Lancome

The lipstick is par for the course with liquids' excellent wear time, but sets itself apart with a featherlight formula that the brand describes as a "tattoo feel texture." So, no horrible feeling when a batter-thick formula dries and squinches your lips right up.

Taylor Hill fronts the Matte Shaker campaign, pulling off two-tone lips and proving you can get away with anything if it looks intentional.

Encased in a pretty, glossy black package, the Matte Shakers definitely don't look like every other liquid lipstick, which is kind of the most brands can do at this point while still giving us the velvet color we crave.

The brand also demonstrated the lipstick in action with an ultra-cool fade in/fade out video, which should be the future of swatches. The campaign rides on a "#BanTheBoring" tag, ostensibly because the colors are vivid and bold.

Comfort and color are the dividers at this point, and coming from the makers of the iconic "glossy without attracting every hair to your face" Juicy Tube lipgloss, the brand knows how to nail lip comfort. And the colors? Bold, punchy, and with plenty to say.