ItsMyRayeRaye's New Palette Was Created Especially For Women Of Color & It’s Stunning

by Summer Arlexis

Back in August, word got around that vlogger Raye Boyce, AKA ItsMyRayeRaye, was in the beauty labs cooking up an affordable makeup collection. Now the wait is over. Swatches of the BH Cosmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye collection have been revealed, and it's something beauty lovers across the complexion spectrum could truly appreciate.

The collection has been a year in the making, according to the beauty guru's big reveal on Instagram, but the collaboration is finally ready to hit shelves. Well, almost ready, considering Raye's collection won't be available for purchase until November. Still, the makeup maven took to social media to post her new set of shadows and a highlighting and contouring palette in all of their pink, sparkly glory. If the overwhelmingly beautiful swatches of the soon-to-be released goodies mean anything, they'll likely sell out lickety-split.

This wouldn't be the first time a woman of color has struck gold by partnering with a beauty brand. MakeupShayla's collab with Maybelline broke major boundaries for influencers of color in a white-dominated industry. Now, ItsMyRayeRaye is in the spotlight, and her swatches already have beauty lovers swooning.

Though the collaboration also includes a brush set and lippies, it's the eyeshadow palette, and highlighting and contouring set that's getting the beauty sphere pumped. A mix of 21 matte neutrals and high-impact shimmers, it's a color family that's so, so perf for fall.

The first row of the eyeshadow palette features super pigmented mattes. RayeRaye has beauty lovers covered with key neutrals and transition shades that are essential to any good beauty beat.

A mix of berry and orange mattes are loaded onto the second row, giving the palette a touch of warmth without overdoing it. With such powerful pigment, there's no questioning that every matte will show beautifully against deeper complexions without ashing out.

If RayeRaye is going to be churning out gorgeous metallic hues like these, girlfriend seriously needs to hit the beauty labs more often. Thou shall be shooketh by the final row of copper, rose gold, and bronze shadows featured in the palette.

Photos don't even do the shimmer shades justice, as ItsMyRayeRaye's video of the shadows proves they feature stunning gold reflects with every movement of her arm. They'll likely be the first shades to make anyone hit major pan.

And the glorious shimmer doesn't stop there. These just may be the holy grail, affordable and WOC-friendly highlighters the beauty sphere needed as of yesterday.

The highlighting and contouring palette features three of the glitziest shimmers you'll ever see: a deep bronze, a rose gold, and an icy silver that will surely pair well against a range of skin tones.

There's no forgetting the contouring shades either. Paired with a highlighting cream are two medium and deep contouring shades for carving out your best features. No, it isn't the be-all-end-all for every skin tone, but the highlighting and contouring creams and shimmers are still pretty universal.

RayeRaye clearly has a go hard or go home mindset in the labs. Eyeshadows, highlighters, and contour palettes weren't enough for the guru, because she even crafted an adorable set of pink and rose gold brushes. The set looks to include about 12 or so applicators, complete with a matching brush holder. You'll have every tool needed to slay with with RayeRaye's palettes.

Although shades haven't been revealed, it looks like the ItsMyRayeRaye collection will include lippies, too. For her first collection, the beauty guru has really pulled out all of the stops.

You'll want to stayed tuned for updates on the collection's official release via RayeRaye's social media. If the mega successes of the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale collection and the BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel palettes are any indication, this brand partnership with ItsMyRayeRaye will have makeup junkies obsessed. Considering the newbies were created by a woman of color to suit beauty lovers of varying complexions, it's safe to say these goodies will fly off of virtual shelves.