Kim K Is Finally Launching An Eyeshadow Palette & The Swatches Are Jaw-Dropping

While everyone knows Kim Kardashian's famous family members, there's another person in her life that many fans are well acquainted with, and it's her longtime makeup artist and friend Mario Dedivanovic. The pair have been working together for 10 years, and in celebration, they're officially launching KKW Beauty x Mario. The collaboration has been known about for some time, but on Monday, they revealed not just the release date, but swatching the new KKW eyeshadow palette they created together.

In a video posted to Dedivanovic's Instagram page, fans of both the reality television star and the makeup artist were gifted the very first look at what's to come from this dynamic duo. In the post, fans can see the rectangular palette that features ten pans of shadows. The packaging, however, could be a mock-up, so it's hard to tell if the cream colored component will be the final choice.

As for the shadows, however, they certainly appear finalized. Based on the swatches, it seems like Dedivanovic and Kardashian choose to mix mattes and metallics. While there are ample neutral hues, there is also a stunningly vibrant cobalt blue, a plum, and and warm red tone. Essentially, the palette appears to be a fit for several different looks.

What exactly is in the palette? While the video moves quickly, it is possible to catch glimpses of the palette as a whole and to see the swatches. Based on this first look, these shades look next level brilliant.

In the pans, you can clearly see a mix of mattes and shimmers. While the majority of the hues are neutral warm tones, Kardashian and Dedivanovic also incorporated pops of bold color.

Based on watching the swatches be applied to the arm, the shadow formula seems ultra pigmented and smooth.

In an Instagram story, Dedivanovic explained that each shade in the palette was chosen and created based off he and Kardashian's work together. He assembled an inspiration board full of the looks he created on Kardashain, and then used those looks to craft the palette. This way, fans would be able to recreate their own versions.

He also let fans know that they would be getting more details regarding the shades names at a later date. He did, however, tease that each shade's name has a special meaning to both he and Kardashian.

How did fans react to the reveal of the collaboration? It's safe to say that they're excited.

KKW x Mario fans are already planning to empty their bank accounts for the collaboration.

Of course, people were blown away by how pigmented the eyeshadow palette looks.

While some thought their makeup buying days were over, KKW x Mario has changed that.

Other users just seemed stoked to see the collaboration for the first time.

The KKW x Mario palette isn't the only piece of the collaboration, though. In the video, fans also get a peek at what seems to be two lip glosses and a lipstick. Given that Kardashian has already been teasing lipsticks for an upcoming launch, it makes sense that one would also debut during her collection with Dedivanovic.

If you want to shop the KKW x Mario Collection with KKW Beauty, you'll have to bide your time until Apr. 5 when its slated to come out. As of press time, no details are known about pricing, the exact time you'll be able to start shopping, or if the collection will be limited edition.

For now, fans will just have to settle for seeing the first look of the collection. Let's be honest, though, from the looks of it, that's really not settling at all.