This 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory' Eyeshadow Palette Is Sweeter Than Candy

Get ready because palette is the equivalent of the Golden Ticket. The Storybook Cosmetics x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette arrives today, Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT and is only available via the Storybook site. The limited edition eyeshadow collection is a sweet makeup treat that you need to grab now and here's why.

If you have a sweet tooth, this palette will appeal to you. Much like Too Faced's sweet-themed palettes smell exactly like the thing they are named after, this candy-coated collection smells like chocolate. Mmm!

Per a post on Storybook's official Insta, The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette was officially sanctioned by the Roald Dahl Literary Estate, but it's not a permanent item. The brand will restock the palette through the duration of the licensing agreement but noted that "wait times between restocks are an average of 60 days."

Translation: Get this delish palette now, while you can because you are going to be waiting a while before it makes a glorious return. And once the license runs out, it's buh-bye for good.

Go ahead and blame the Storybook Cosmetics team if your stomach starts to rumble and you begin to crave something sugary when applying these shades to your lids.

The palette is delightfully packaged like a hardcover storybook, which in this digital day-and-age is considered vintage and nostalgic. It features Willy Wonka and Charlie, who is holding a golden ticket, in illustrated form. It also includes a full-sized mirror inside.

The palette will deduct $55 from your bank account, and features 12 shades that are named after all the beloved characters and various themes in the book. That shakes out to just under $5 per pan of color.

Courtesy of Storybook Cosmetics

The shadow monikers are as follows: Wonka Bar, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, Golden Ticket, Charlie Bucket, Everlasting Gobstopper, Oompa Loompa, Snozzberries, Mike Teavee, Willy Wonka, and Fizzy Lifting Drink. The long-wearing shadows are cruelty-free and highly pigmented and come in matte, metallic, and pearl finishes, so you can build a totally custom and completely different look every day of the week.

Bonus tip: You can use the shadows either wet or dry to get a different look. Personally, I love to spritz a fluffy shadow brush with Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray and dip it into a pan of shadow. This trick reduces fallout, intensifies a shade, and helps the shadow adhere to the lid. Try it sometime!

Anyone else feel transported to your childhood or find yourself reliving the thrill of watching a bunch of kids traipse through a syrupy wonderland and wishing you, too, could dive into a chocolate river?

Full disclosure: I idolized Veruca Sal and wished I could be her, if only for the bird's eye view of the factory.

These are the cutest, candy-like swatches ever. Actually, those aren't swatches. Those are swatch art and truly display the muted, watercolor nature of the palette. One might have expected the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette to be a bit more, well, chocolatey with its color spectrum.

If you were predicting lots of nougat-y and caramel-y browns, you will be pleasantly surprised by the broadness of the shade range. There are plenty of bold, fun, and bright shades to play with.

Here's something else to know: The palette is limited to three per order and the product will ship in five to 10 days. If you are salivating over this palette, scoop one or three up ASAP.

With this candy-inspired collection and a Care Bears range on the way, beauty obsessives are totally pledging allegiance to Storybook Cosmetics.