What To Know About Sylvester Stallone's Daughters


The Golden Globes are taking place this Sunday and audiences aren't just excited about the awards — but also the stars handing them out. It's been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone's daughters will be distributing Golden Globes at the prestigious ceremony. The sisters — aged 14, 18 and 20 — have been chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to share the honor of being Miss Golden Globe, which requires them to assist during the ceremony. The sisters were reportedly overwhelmed, as the oldest sister, Sophia Stallone, told The Hollywood Reporter,

"We all started screaming and jumping up and down, music blasting, dogs barking. We didn't think we would get it."

If you're wondering why this is the first you've heard of the singularly photogenic daughters-of-super-famous-actor Stallone, then you're not alone. Sophia also told THR,

“Except for Sistine, we’ve never really been in the public eye... Everyone else who has famous parents, they’re always in the public eye. But my mom was very about education, staying grounded, family — we always eat dinner together.”

So what exactly should you know about the trio? Who is most likely to be The Next Big Thing in the world of entertainment, and who is most likely to duck the spotlight for some privacy and peace?

Sophia Stallone

Oldest sis Sophia studies communication (with a minor in entrepreneurship and film) at the University of Southern California. According to her Instagram, Sophia likes vintage clothing (or at least hits up vintage stores), she has an appealingly goofy sense of humor, she's the queen of sunny vacations, and she can draw. Also, does she have a horse? Maybe she has a horse. In other news, Sophia is incredibly grateful for this whole situation. She told Teen Vogue, "We really do know how amazing this chance is... and I am so happy to be doing it with them," referring to her sisters.

Sophia had heart surgery in 2012 after being born with a hole in her heart. Prior to the operation, she told Paris Match magazine,

“Every day I think of my heart. I eat really healthy, and as I get more tired than normal, I have to be very careful when doing sports.”

If you're wondering Sophia has planned for after university, she also told THR, “I want to be an entrepreneur and run my own fashion and makeup line.” So, watch this space.

Sistine Stallone

If you hadn't already guessed from all the Blue Steel she's giving the camera, Sistine Stallone is a model and she's currently represented by IMG Studios. The 18-year-old has walked for Chanel, modeled for Express, and if that wasn't enough, she either owns or knows an incredibly adorable dog. Also, she's already been on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. If this is Sistine at age 18, I can't wait to see what else she achieves before she hits 20.

Scarlet Stallone

Scarlet Stallone is just 14, but her life already looks freakin' great. She has a close-knit group of friends (including a best friend who comments "love u" under almost every photo she posts, which, #goals), she drinks non-alcoholic cocktails which look like they taste better than the real deal, and she's mastered the dark art of the French braid. Also, her local pizza looks better than mine. Oh, Hollywood.

According to Vanity Fair, Scarlet's nickname is "baby giraffe" because her sisters think she's clumsy. She told Teen Vogue,

"My dad has given me advice to speak loud and clear, have great posture, and don’t fall. He actually makes me train in heels every day for an hour. He just doesn’t want me to fail at all."

Sounds like great training for prom.

I'm sure these sisters are going to crush it, whatever they end up doing. But if you want to catch them during their first big showbiz outing, tune in to the Golden Globes, which will air on NBC at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 8.