You Can Already Buy Target's Disney Princess Sock Advent Calendar For Grownup Fans

Target, remixed by Bustle

Somewhere in the distance you may have just heard the incoherent screaming of Buddy the Elf, because the Christmas season has really and truly begun now — Target's sock advent calendars for 2019 have dropped, including a Disney Princess sock advent calendar. If you're a veteran of this particular holiday phenomenon, you already know that Target's sock advent calendars have a habit of selling out within days of being launched. You may also be aware that the company is adding more sock advent calendar varieties every year, making it imperative to strategize before jumping into the trenches of your shopping cart.

As always, this year will see a few of its returning mainstays — we have socks for Disney princess, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, and DC fans. But there are also quirkier options, like socks for cat lovers, socks with "critters" on them, and even a curious one called "Santa Selfie." But if you're a true Disney diehard, then none will appeal to you quite as much as the Disney princess variety, which is straight out of a '90s kids dream — I'm talking fun pops of color, ankle socks and longer socks, and every single one of your favorite royals perfectly displayed for your feet.

"Thrill the Disney fan in your life when you give them this women's Disney Princess 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar," reads Target's description on the website. "The socks come in hues of purple, blue, gray and more, and they feature a variety of Disney Princess-themed prints and patterns — including Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine and more — to finish off the whimsical aesthetic. As a bonus, the keepsake box comes decorated with a printed 'Royal To-Do List,' completing the fun, charming vibe.

The calendar retails for $15, or just over a dollar per sock — which is actually kind of a sock bargain on top of a holiday delight, if you think about it. It also makes it the ideal price range to either treat yourself or a Disney fan friend. And if you happen to be more of a traditional Disneyhead, Target has you covered there, too. Alongside the Disney Princess sock advent calendar is the Mickey Mouse & Friends calendar, which mostly just features socks with Mickey and Minnie in various hues of red, gray, and blue, boogeying and living their best mouse lives.

If neither of those suit your feet's fancy, you do, of course, have plenty of other options — Target appears to have released a total of 20 different advent socks this year, making 2019 the Year Of The Geek Chic Toe. You can head over to Target's website to take a look at everything there is to offer. Don't despair if they're sold out online — they'll have the calendars in store, too. And if you miss both the store and online rush, if history is any indication, people will most definitely be hawking them on eBay within the week. Godspeed, my fellow sock-loving friends.