Target Is Selling Glitter Inflatable Chairs That Will Make Your '90s Heart Sing


Between the scrunchies half of us are sporting this summer, the sparkling Kool-Aid we're guzzling, and the fact that Netflix is churning out rom-coms faster than you can say "I ship it," we are decidedly all reliving the best parts of the '90s in 2018. The only thing missing from this equation is a cozy place to perch your '90s-loving butt to soak in all of the nostalgic glory, and thankfully, a recent find from PopSugar has you covered: Target is selling inflatable glitter chairs that were ripped straight out of your dizziest preteen daydreams.

Before you say, "Oh man, where on earth would I put an inflatable glitter chair in my tasteful adult apartment?", consider the fact that by virtue of being an inflatable chair, you have all of the perks and none of the consequences: if you ever need the space back, you can just deflate this baby and put it in the closet for a hot second. (I say "hot second" because we all know that once we get one look at this thing it's going to be a permanent fixture in our lives whether we want it to be or not.) And since it comes in three colors — Gold, Multicolor, and Pink — you're pretty much guaranteed to find one that matches your vibe. (If not, you probs need some vibe reassessing, no offense.)

For those of us still on the fence about reliving our Buffy-marathonning, Dunkaroos-inhaling youth via a blow-up chair, the other thing this gem has in its favor is that, at $29.99, it's fairly affordable — plus it can be purchased online to ship straight to your door.

At the risk of going full Billy Mays here: "But wait, there's more!" Not only can you get this glitter inflatable chair, but you can purchase a glitter inflatable ottoman to match. You know, for those days you're super tuckered out from blasting Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" because your mom just doesn't understand that everyone else at school gets to wear Soffe shorts to class, so why shouldn't you?

If you, too, are an unrepentant Target stan, then you know it's been a pretty good week to be on our beat — Target announced that it opened 30 small-format stores on college campuses around the nation, with plans to open another 30 within the next year. Regardless of whether or not you're still living that collegiate life, these stores are cute as all heck, and with the expansion there's bound to be one near you sometime soon.

That, and Target also just dropped the most coveted kind of home decor of all — its Halloween line. It's as Instagrammy as ever, and if you don't believe me, just look at this tiny lil ghost succulent I have every intention of buying and then talking to like it's my actual child.

Anyway, I'm assuming if you've made it this far into this article that when you look back up from your screen you'll realize that your feet somehow magically carried you to your local Target, so I'll leave you to it. Go follow your inflatable '90s bliss.