Target Is Selling Mini Nutella Jars That Double As Ornaments

Emma Lord & Jada Gomez/Bustle

In news about things almost too adorable to eat, Target is selling mini jars of Nutella. It’s everything you love about regular sized jars of Nutella (e.g. they contain nutella) but in an itty bitty, teeny weenie jar. My heart hurts from the cuteness and also the amount of Nutella I have been consuming this holiday season.

The mini Nutella jars or “Nutellinos” are available at Target and for $1. That’s it. That’s the whole price. What makes the Nutellino Christmas spread specifically seasonal? Why it’s the fact that they come in a container with either a red cap or a green cap. So festive! So seasonal! So clearly a jab at how we will all use any excuse to buy Nutella! You could literally write “Arbor Day” in Sharpie on a jar of Nutella and I’d be like, “Wow! Nutella has really thought of everything, haven’t they?!”

The 1 oz. jar contains “exactly 6 servings,” according to Target’s product description. It also lists the serving size as “two teaspoons,” which feels like a personal attack. Is “two teaspoons” even a real amount? Did they mean to write “two entire Nutellino containers” as the serving size? If I could eat the jar of Nutellino, tiny plastic tub and all, I would.

If you want to get real adorable and festive with it, you can take a cue from Instagram and use the mini jars of Nutella as Christmas decor. Just tie a Christmas ribbon to the plastic hanger on your jar and voila! It’s a little, baby Nutellino ornament. Heck, you could have an all-chocolate Christmas tree and decorate with Trader Joe’s chocolate ornaments, too. ‘Tis the season for using chocolate as decoration, then succumbing to temptation and eating your decoration.

Emma Lord & Jada Gomez/Bustle

You could also just pile the Nutellino jars into a triangle, pyramid shape and wow! Amazing! It's a mini Nutella tree. You could stick a personalized sticker on the jar and turn it into a Nutella-flavored gift tag. You could even just arrange the jars to spell out "CHRISTMAS" or "HOLIDAY" or "SNOWFLAKES" on your kitchen table. That's basically the same as decorating for Christmas, right?

In addition to the red and green-capped containers, Nutella also has limited-edition holiday jars in its classic, 13 oz. size. There are three different holiday designs: one with a cartoon reindeer chef eating a Nutella-topped pancake, one with a cartoon penguin chef eating a Nutella-topped bagel, and one with a cartoon Santa joyously holding up a piece of toast topped with, you guess it, Nutella.

So, if the idea of tying a ribbon around the mini Nutella jar and hanging it on your tree seems too daunting, you could always just set out these holiday jars on your mantle place. If Santa’s on it, it counts as decoration.

If you want to take “decor you can eat” to the next level, you can check out Nutella’s Stencil and Decorating Tool Jars. Underneath the cap of each container on these limited-edition jars is a festively-shaped stencil, like snowflakes, stars, and reindeer. You can place the stencil on top of your pancakes or toast or hand or whatever you top with Nutella. Then, fill in the stencil with the chocolate hazelnut spread and you’ve got Nutella in a fun holiday shape. This, of course, requires the patience and will power to not just lick the Nutella off the spoon immediately after you scoop it out of the jar.

It’s not clear whether the mini Nutellino size will be around all year. Just to be safe, you better stock up. Buy them for your family, your friends, your own dang self. 'Tis the season, after all