Target Just Dropped Over 100 New Summer Styles & They're All Under $40

Courtesy of Target

If there are internet memes that rings true, one of the top ones has to be about Target. You've seen them. The memes about walking into Target and only getting one thing to emerge with a cart full are way too accurate. Now, Target's new summer styles are under $40, and you may as well just accept the fact that the bullseye-baring retailer is going to take all your cash.

Through the summer, Target has been launching everything from new collections with famous brands like Vineyard Vines to expanding its selection of plus size swimwear. Now, the brand has launched even more summer pieces in both straight and plus sizes, and the prices are definitely right.

From perfect summer day dresses to jumpsuits to shorts, Target's latest summer launch expands their already impressive collection of cute and affordable clothing. With summer weather not going anywhere any time soon, why not add more options to your wardrobe? After all, everything is under $40.

If you've been thinking of going on a bit of a shopping spree or just can't resist the allure of Target, these 20 pieces from the brand's new summer launch are going to have you opening your wallet to grab your credit card.

1. Floral Wrap Dress

Not only is this warp dress a classic silhouette, but you can dress it up for down. Whether you're just hanging out at a brunch with friends or have a wedding to go to, this dress works for so many different occasions.

2. '90s Style Tee

If you're a '90s baby, you'll definitely recognize this style tee shirt with its thin, horizontal stripes and lettuce edge sleeves. It's basically screaming at you to embrace your inner DJ Tanner or Buffy.

3. Floral Jumpsuit

Is there anything better than a jumpsuit? No, not in the summer. Jumpsuits are basically one and done outfits. Throw it on, and you don't have to worry about coordinating pieces together. This spaghetti strap, floral print design is the perfect way to wear all floral everything without it being overwhelming.

4. Tiered Sun Dress

The gorgeous yellow color isn't the only great thing about this dress. The tiered skirt is totally on-trend and adds a little something extra to a somewhat minimalist silhouette. It may just be $1.99 more than $40, but totally worth it, right?

5. Teal Paperbag Shorts

Say hello to this vibrant teal hue, a bow at the waist, and a seriously comfortable looking design with these shorts. Pair them with heels for a night out or rock a sneaker with them. Either way, they're fab.

6. Classic White Pencil Skirt

Unfortunately, some people still have to work in the summer, but cute clothes make everything just a bit more bearable, right? This clean, crisp white pencil skirt is such a classic piece, but you may want to carry around a Tide pen with you.

7. Pink Leopard Print Skirt

Leopard print is huge. Seriously, from bathing suits to tops to leggings to skirts, there's an animal print on just about everything. This midi skirt, however, differentiates itself thanks to the pink background. Who doesn't want pink leopard print?

8. Button Front Stripes

The deeper golden tones of the dress set it apart from the more vibrant lemon yellow that's so popular for summer. The buttons running down the front are a perfect extra something. Plus, with its color scheme, you can easy use this piece to transition into fall.

9. Classic Denim Jacket

Speaking of transitional pieces, a denim jacket is the perfect one. Whether you need to wear it at night during the summer weather or are taking it into the cooler temperatures of fall, it's so versatile.

10. Floral Kimono

While there are tons of kimonos out there, this deep green hue is a unique choice. Plus, the floral pattern isn't the daisy-esque floral you typically see. Essentially, this kimono is unlike any other, and you need it.

11. Ruffled Jumpsuit

You've likely seem spaghetti strap and tank-style jumpsuits, and they are great. You've also probably seen plenty of floral pieces. This ruffle top jumpsuit, however, is totally different and so cute.

12. Boho Tunic

If you love a more boho style, Target's Knox Rose line is a great option for you. With an embroidered top and tassels in the back, this flowy silhouette is for you, boho lover.

13. Animal Print V-Neck

Just like with the leopard print skirt, there's something a bit different about this animal print. The pattern is much larger than many other designs, and because it's in a tank top, you can rock it as a neutral with other pieces.

14. Off-The Shoulder Blouse

During summer 2018, off-the-shoulder styles blew up. In 2019, nothing has changed. This blouse's off-the-shoulder look is on-trend, but with the bow in the center and ruffles on the sleeves, it's a different take.

15. Minimalist Maxi

Whether you're heading out for a day of walking through your neighbor hood or need a great and easy cover-up, this minimalist maxi can do both. Plus, wear it in a totally different way by using the split to tie a knot and shorter up the length.

16. Flowy Florals

Sometimes, you just want to embrace both comfort and cuteness. Not only does this maxi allow you to stay cool in hot temperatures, but with its pink background and floral pattern, it's ultra-feminine and still comfy AF.

17. Denim Jumper

Remember Mary Kate and Ashley's style during the 90s? Does this Target jumper not totally give you those vibes? Pair it with a lettuce sleeve tee, a tank, or some Keds, and you'll be living your best Mary Kate and Ashley fantasy.

18. Floral Romper

Who says plus size women can't wear rompers? Not Target. From the spaghetti straps to the shorter shorts, this romper breaks all those silly rules that are placed on plus size women. Plus, it's super cute.

19. Striped Wide Leg Pant

If you love the look of a jumpsuit but maybe don't love the style so much, a pair of wide leg pants like these will do the trick. With stripes so in when it comes to jumpsuit patterns, this look is spot-on if you're not ready to try out something different.

20. Ruffled Shoulder Dress

This dress's silhouette is simple and classic, but it's anything but boring. With adorable ruffle shoulders enhancing the sleeveless design and cute buttons running down the front, you definitely need this frock before summer is over.

If you've been longing to do a little shopping but don't want to break the band, Target's new summer collection is the perfect choice.