40 New Target Summer Styles Under $40 That You Won't Want To Miss

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Summer is here, and there's a good chance that your wardrobe could use some new pieces for the new season. Even if you've got your summer wardrobe covered, though, what's the harm in adding just a few more fun things, right? These 40 Target summer styles under $40 will give your wardrobe a summer revamp with a price that's totally right.

Target's style section has become a serious beacon for affordable, size inclusive clothing. From plus-dedicated brands like Ava & Viv to brands that offer both plus and straight sizing like Universal Thread, the retailer has seemed to make a concerted effort to make sure that the fashions on their in-store and on-line shelves are great for all women. Plus, whether you're looking for a trendy new jumpsuit or something classic like a new white-tee shirt, Target has it.

Now, the retailer has dropped a massive new collection of summer pieces with over 175 dresses as well as new bottoms, tops, and swimwear. Basically, the brand is taking care of your summer needs, and so many of the new pieces are under $40.

If you've been looking for the perfect new outfit to celebrate the beginning of pool and beach season, these 40 Target summer pieces could be the place to start.

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