Target's New Opalhouse Home Line Finally Dropped — Here Are The 10 Cutest Pieces

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Styling one's space is so important — take it from someone who works remotely. But like many things, finding an affordable way to personalize your place can be really challenging. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on apartment blogs looking for inspiration and leaving them feeling utterly defeated. But hope is not lost! There is a way to turn your home into a chic sanctuary on a budget. If you have a taste for bright statement pieces, eclectic patterns, and the occasional bird, you're not going to want to miss these 10 best products from the Opalhouse homeware line by Target.

The discount store's furniture line is but one of a few customers can expect to see in the coming months. Target stores are in the midst of shifting emphasis to home decor, a move the chain believes will align with the desires of customers. Target's press release about Opalhouse back in February revealed analysts with the company determined around 90 percent of customers prefer personalizing looks to specifically fit their own tastes, rather than settling for something prefabricated. With this in mind, Target announced the reintroduction of a number of popular home decor lines. Some of the most highly anticipated include the classic, relaxed Threshold, the modern Project 62 series, and the Americana-inspired Hearth and Hand with Magnolia.

Opalhouse is by far the most ambitious of these, placing an emphasis on bright colors, unique patterns, and, per the chain's website, a great deal of worldly inspiration from cities, " Aix-en-Provence, Lisbon, Paris and Mallorca." Products part of the line are even distinguished into three separate categorizes: Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca.

You probably can't snag every one of the hundreds of pieces in Opalhouse line (no single person really needs twenty one separate shower curtains), so I made a list of my favorite features from Target's newest decor collection. Keep in mind, though, the complete Opalhouse collection will not be available until April 8.


Peacock Print Shower Curtain

Peacock Print Shower Curtain, $19.99, Target

The standout among the aforementioned plethora of shower curtains is this one featuring a watercolor-style portrait of nature's most regal bird. Whoever said you can't make your shower a statement piece?


Cactus Ceramic Cookie Jar

Cactus Ceramic Cookie jar, $19.99, Target

The prickly desert-inspired number will keep your sweets safe and look good doing it. It also matches a pair of cactus salt and pepper shakers (those are available here).


Canary Floral Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper

Canary Floral Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper, $29.99, Target

Beautiful, bright, and perfect for those of us who can't actually paint the walls of our homes. It's vinyl and self-adhesive, making application a breeze.


Avocet Rattan Fan Back Accent Chair

Avocet Rattan Fan Back Accent Chair, $159.99, Target

The scalloped pattern of the thin wood seat pairs perfectly with its industrial black metal legs. Dress it up with a throw or pillow, and pair it with any number of the other Rattan pieces Opalhouse offers.


Wood Bead & Pom Garland

Wood Bead & Pom Garland, $12.99, Target

This garland is tasteful enough that you can hang while decorating for a party, then never take it down. Nobody will suspect a thing.


Monogrammed Stoneware Floral Mug

Monogrammed Stoneware Floral Mug, $5.99, Target

A floral mug perfect for sipping equally floral tea, this would make a great simple gift for a friend. Plus, as one of the line's cheaper offerings, this mug won't break the bank.


Blue Romana Tide Quilt

Blue Romana Tide Quilt, $69.99+, Target

Dream of the Mediterranean sea atop this beautiful quilt. The simple pattern featuring hues of cerulean, black, and white is sophisticated, with uneven flowers and tufts of thread adding a whimsical touch. Complete the look with this complementary throw pillow.


Macrame Hammock With Fringe

Macrame Hammock with Fringe—Light Blue, $79.99, Target

Don't let the delicate appearance of this hammock fool you, the fabric is weather-resistant — making it perfect for lounging outdoors any time of the year.


Melamine Taco Holder

Melamine Taco Holder, $4.99, Target

With this taco holder, never again will you need to fear taco spillage. This tray fits three tacos and ensures they stay upright so no deliciousness gets lost.


Glass Pineapple Table Lamp

Glass Pineapple Table Lamp Brass, $39.99+, Target

Pineapples traditionally symbolize hospitality, so what could be more welcoming than having this luminescent fruit in your living room?