You Can Buy Sugar Cookie Milk At Target This Holiday Season

Target; Remixed by Bustle

There are few humans among us who can resist the siren call of Target during the holidays, and those of us with a notorious sweet tooth undoubtedly hear it the loudest. If the exclusive holiday candy lineup at Target this year wasn't enough to get you in the door (HOT COCOA M&M'S, y'all!), then this will all but drag you in: there's a Market Pantry Sugar Cookie Milk at Target this season for a limited time, and it is, at its name would suggest, quite literally milk that tastes like sugar cookies.

The existence of this first seems to have come to the collective internet's attention through a post from popular Instagram junk food account @candyhunting, whose post about it includes an image with the caption, "Want all your cereal to taste like sugar cookies? Target has sugar cookie milk out now for the winter!" It looks as though the new milk will be sold by the quart in red packaging so festive that undoubtedly all the eggnogs about to hit shelves are shaking. A quick perusal of Target's website confirms this new offering's existence, where it retails for $2.49 — unsurprisingly, this is only available in-store, since it's a refrigerated item.

No word yet on what the Sugar Cookie Milk actually tastes like, but I personally cannot foresee many scenarios where those three words together result in anything less than deliciousness. Plus, on the upside, now you have the ultimate holiday life hack: now instead of leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, you can pour him a big old cup of this! Did we just invent Soylent for Santa? You're welcome to the reindeer, whose wait time per house may have just gone down significantly thanks to Target's genius.

If you're super into the idea of drinking your dessert this holiday season, Market Pantry is offering a whole range of other holiday flavors for a limited time; the other most noteworthy one is probably the Maple Pecan Milk, which looks like it's basically drinkable pie.

Similarly festive is the Chocolate Mint Milk, which will appeal to anyone who also near openly wept with joy at the news of Oreo's Peppermint Bark flavor that was announced last week. Now, thanks to Target, you basically have the perfect drink to pair it with.

It would be remiss not to mention that Market Pantry has also rolled out not only Eggnog, but Pumpkin Spice Eggnog this year; the dairy aisle of Target is truly a choose-your-own-adventure in 2018, it seems. It goes without saying (but is worth saying, in case you need the inspo) that pretty much all of these sound like they would taste just as delicious heated up as they would cold, so go live that dream, if you are so inclined.

And while you're at Target stocking up on enough milks to make your head spin, you can also take a peek into the candy aisle to find a bunch of hot cocoa-themed candies and truly live your best seasonally-themed drink life. Here's to not looking another vegetable in the eye until 2019!