This Lip Mask Has A 4,000 Person Waiting List

Tatcha's Kissu Lip Mask is back with a 4,000 person waitlist.
Courtesy of Tatcha

Beauty lovers know about skin care. From essences and toners to sleeping masks and chemical exfoliators, product maximalist have it all. However, for fans of beauty brand Tatcha, there has been a product missing for a year now, but it's back with a 4,000 person waiting list. Tatcha's Kissu Lip Mask is returning, and despite the waiting list, you can still get your hands on it.

Tatcha's lip mask made its debut during the 2018 holiday season as a QVC product and a short-term Tatcha online option. According to the brand, the nourishing product sold out in just 13 minutes and was gone forever. Well, it was gone until now. The brand is bringing back the product in time for the holidays. Pre-orders for the Kissu Lip Mask begin Dec. 19 on the Tatcha website, and come Dec. 25, you'll be able to get the mask on the brand's website before it lands in Sephora stores on Jan. 3.

For its official re-release, the Kissu Lip Mask got a bit of a makeover resulting in what could be an even more lip nourishing product. The new mask includes popular ingredient squalane, an oil that helps to lock in moisture and protect the skin barrier. Rose extract, which has softening abilities, helps to increase hydration while camellia oil, which contains antioxidants, joins in to fight free radicals.

The Kissu Lip Mask, however, isn't Tatcha's only new launch as 2020 approaches. The brand is kicking off the new decade before its even begun with its new Serum Stick.

Courtesy of Tatcha

Like the Kissu Lip Mask, the new Tatcha Serum Stick utilizes squalane to moisturize and protect the skin's barrier. Most often seen in oil form, the ingredient is easily absorbable and non-comedogenic, and it can help to prevent transepidermal water loss. Plus, much like the way the Kissu Lip Mask can be used as a way to prep the lips for matte lip products, the Serum Stick also works well with makeup having the ability to make products appear more skin like.

Courtesy of Tatcha

It may not be 2020 yet, but Tatcha is getting a head start on the latest beauty innovation coming skin care lovers' way in the new decade.

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