Tati Beauty May Be Sold Out But You've Still Got A Chance To Shop

Tati Beauty's Textured Neutrals Palette is sold out.
Tati Beauty/Instagram

If you wanted glitter, Tati Beauty just gave it to you. A glitter bomb may as well have gone off on beauty guru Tati Westbrook's first eyeshadow palette. Apparently, all of those glitter haters in the world are outnumbered because that inaugural palette is now sold out. Don't fret just yet, though.

On Oct. 25, Tati Beauty launched the Textured Neutrals Volume I palette, a 24-pan collection of eyeshadows featuring six different colorways and four finishes. Within 12 hours, the palette sold out, but brand owner Tati Westbrook was prepared. According to both Westbrooks' Twitter and a YouTube video she uploaded to her channel detailing the palette, a limited number of pre-order items are still available to shop.

If you head to the Tati Beauty website, you'll see that you're still able to shop the Textured Neutrals palette. The only difference is that your shipping will be delayed. However, Westbrook and Tati Beauty have stated that palettes ordered under the pre-order campaign will be received by Dec. 15, just in time for the Christmas holiday. Whether you were planning to purchase the guru's first launch for yourself or for a friend or family member, there's still time for you to grab one before they're truly gone.

As for the pre-sale, Westbrook does say in her recent video that the number of palettes available post-sell out is limited. If you want to get the collection of shadows by Dec. 15, you should order quickly. That doesn't mean the palette will never return, though. The influencer explains that if pre-sale items sell out, she will work "hard, fast, and smart" to get a small restock done within the holiday season as well.

The Textured Neutrals palette is just the first product for Tati Beauty. The YouTuber explained in a PR unboxing video prior to the launch of the product that she already had 30 collection in the works for her eponymous brand. If you're waiting for more vibrant hues or a complexion-based product, there's a good chance that Westbrook already has one planned and headed your way.

Whatever product does come next for Westbrook, though, her fans will clearly be in line to grab it.