This Woman Just Got A Tattoo Of Her Cat Using Ink Made From Its Fur — Yes, Really

Chris McGrath/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are so many ways to express your love for your cat and to proudly subscribe to the "cat lady" stereotype, which is quickly becoming more of a badge of honor than an insult. You can do everything from getting your cat's face printed onto stylish socks, to asking an artist to commission a portrait of them, to rocking your feline love in the form of crafty pins or quirky sweaters. But now there's an even more hardcore way to show devotion to your pal, and that is to tattoo their face onto your body using their fur. Stick with me.

There is now tattoo ink made with cat fur for those who want to give their body art even more sentimental meaning. PopSugar reported that model Makani Terror got an eye-popping tattoo of her feline pal on her thigh, but the note-worthy artistry isn't what made her tattoo news. It was the fact that she took her cat mom duties one step further and had the ink infused with her cat Gizmo's hair. She came all the way from Germany to California to do it, but it seems like the end result made it well worth the journey.

She got the tattoo about a year ago, but just posted it onto her Instagram for the one year anniversary of getting the interesting ink done. "Already 1 year ago that I got my cat Gizmo under my skin," she wrote in her caption.

The artist who drew the lifelike cat onto her leg was Roman Abrego, and he brought it to life by using two different kinds of inks: Fusion and Skin46. The latter is a new type of ink made out of medical-clean carbon from either human or animal hair. According to the brand, it's tattoo ink "made from loved one's hair," and you can even customize the color you order.

If you're wondering just how hair could be fused with dye and safely poked into your body, it's a pretty interesting process.

You send approximately five grams of your fur baby's hair to Skin46's lab in Switzerland, where they then take the strands and break them down into carbon. They take the carbon and turn it into ink, which they then ship to your tattoo artist's shop. This is a great way to honor your closest relationships, where you could use everything from your grandmother's to your partner's hairs to create a tribute for them on your body. Think of all the time people got portraits or names tatted onto their arms or backs — and how much more special it would be if the ink was infused with their carbon.

If you're interested in doing it yourself, right now Skin46 is in its Kickstarter stages which means if you join the early bird list you can get up to 50 percent off your purchase.

If you have a pet of your own, you can only imagine how seeing this tat could hit you in the feels. The comments under her photo were all encouraging, where followers expressed what an awesome idea it was.

"Love this" and "That's so awesome" was shared multiple times, but some people also really liked the colors used in the link. They commented over how vibrant and crisp they were.

Some people jumped in to share how they needed to book an appointment to get a portrait of their own pets done, where one person wrote, "I need one of Socks."

You have to admit: It's one creative way to show your pet you love them.