'Twilight' Fans Need To See These Adorable Photos Of Taylor Lautner & His Girlfriend

by Taylor Ferber
John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only thing hotter than all the witch's brew concocted over this past Halloweekend are Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend's Instagram photos. On Sunday, Lautner went Instagram-official with his significant other Tay (short for Taylor, perhaps?), and dedicated Twihearts are expressing all kinds of feelings about it. The pair dressed up as Space Jam's Tune Squad members and took to their respective accounts to post PDA-packed photos from their Halloween festivities.

Lautner posted a photo of the two kneeling down with their eyes closed, arms lovingly wrapped around each other, while kissing his girlfriend's cheek in a sweet embrace. In a separate post, he and Tay pose in multiple photos, some with a group of friends and others with just the two of them. Tay, who seems to be a nursing student by the looks of her Instagram bio, posted another photo of the two with their arms around each other and the caption, "Happy Halloweekend."

According to E!, Tay also posted an Instagram story posing next to a man dressed as Lautner's Twilight character Jacob, and wrote, "Wait that's not my boyfriend???" The cuteness is real.

The many, varied reactions from fans about the couple's social media posts are just as intriguing as the posts themselves, though.

It seems most fans are experiencing a similar reaction: a total mix of support and envy. One fan wrote on Lautner's photo, "I mean they're cute but I'm heart broken" and another said, "I double tapped this picture even though that girl is supposed to be me!!" Some are understandably jealous, one fan commenting, "hate my life" and another saying, "I THINK IM [sic] JEALOUS." One fan additionally made a super valid point: "Edward would never cheat on us."

Tay's post is getting a similar mix of reactions from fans. One wrote, "treat my mans right sis" and another commented, "Luckiest girl in the world." Another fan expressed their interest in hearing the couple's love story, as many others probably are as well, saying, "Wait is taylor dating a taylor who is an RN? Woahh i want to hear that story."

Although this is the first time the couple is going super public with their romance, they've hinted at it for quite some time now. In June, Tay posted a photo with the caption, "Missing my Darlin'" with Lautner tagged in it. In mid-September she posted a photo of Lautner kissing her on the cheek and the caption, "ITS WEDDING SZN (Not ours tho hehe)."

Plus, it seems like Tay is already in with Lautner's tight-knit family. In August, she posted a photo kissing Lautner's sister Makena on the head after undergoing heart surgery. She caption the photo:

"~RELENTLESS~ Your strength & constant trust in the Lord have never failed to inspire those around you"

Until Lautner explains more about his romantic situation, Team Jacob fans will have to wait patiently for answers about who his new girlfriend is, how the two met, and why Twilight lovers no longer have a shot with their favorite dreamy actor.