Taylor Swift Shouts Out Ed Sheeran's New Song & It Makes Total Sense Because Her BFF's New Tune Is A Jam

Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some relationships, of even the most platonic variety, can not weather the storm that is Hollywood. Fame is hard. It takes a toll. But, one celebrity friendship that truly can not relate? Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift's legendary kinship, of course. Case in point, Swift took to Instagram to shout out Sheeran's new song "Shape of You," and, yes, the execution was as adorable as you'd expect. T. Swift totally geeked out about her pal's new music just like the rest of us fans.

Who can blame her, really? If you've heard Sheeran's new music you can understand why, all BFF bias aside, Swift would make such a big deal about it. And if you haven't heard the new songs? What are you waiting for?! They're Ed Sheeran tested and T. Swift approved. The academy might as well just hand him his Grammy now.

Am I getting ahead of myself? Eh, maybe. But my shared excitement with Swift will not be stifled. In fact, it's looking like she's not going to let anyone rain on her "Shape of You" parade.

In her caption, the singer channeled The Office's Michael Scott and proclaimed, "OH MY GOD. OKAY ITS HAPPENING. EVERYBODY STAY CALM."

The photo that accompanied the spirited pop culture reference? A screenshot of Sheeran's "Shape of You," playing 13 seconds in, complete with the song artwork. So, yes, Swift has basically become everyone's parents who posts their kid's GPA on Facebook, and it's kind of the best thing ever.

Unlike Facebook moms and dads, though, Swift's love of the song is not at all based on parental pride. While the singer was probably always going to unabashedly shout out her friend, the impossibly talented red head has given her every reason reason to regardless because "Shape of You" is a sure-to-be classic.

Swift didn't shout out Sheeran's other new song, "Castle on the Hill," specifically, but I think it's safe to assume her love for his new tunes extends to that one, as well. After all, I don't think Sheeran has produced a lackluster song yet.