Taylor Swift's Surprise Performance At A Fan's Engagement Party Is Too Sweet

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alexander Goldschmidt just became the best fiancé on the planet. He pulled off a Taylor Swift surprise appearance at his engagement party over the weekend, where she serenaded Goldschmidt and his fiancé, Ross Girard with a ballad from her Reputation album called "King of My Heart." You can listen to the studio recorded version on Spotify.

Swift is known for surprising her fans with private concerts and meet and greets, but this one may have taken the cake. Just when Goldschmidt's friends and family thought the secret-keeping was over, they were in for one final surprise. "I know that I put a lot of secrets on your plate," he announced to the guests at the party. "And I thank you for keeping all of those secrets. I trust most of you. Now I know that I can sort of trust all of you. There is one secret I didn't trust any of you with. And there was a person who's not here, who sort of played a part in all of this. And so I would like to welcome, and if you could give a warm welcome, to my friend Taylor."

No one in the room would've guessed that Taylor Swift and her guitar were about to appear through the doorway, but she did. She greeted the couple with hugs, and Girard, who had no clue about the surprise, was beside himself with emotion and glee.

"Alex emailed me and said that he was gonna do this, and that there was a song that was really special to you two called 'King of My Heart,'" Swift said. "I've been off tour for a while but hopefully it's still alright." She strummed her guitar. "This is from Alex," she said. "It's sung by me, but it's from Alex." On Instagram, Goldschmidt wrote that he decided to propose to Girard while listening to the very song in his car.

Everyone wooed and clapped as Swift proceeded to effortlessly serenade the couple with the whimsical singing voice of hers everyone knows and loves. Shortly after the video of the sweet moment was posted, Goldschmidt began to receive an overwhelming influx of kind words and messages on social media. He shared a tweet thanking everyone for their support.

"I have never felt so overwhelmed with love and exhaustion in my life," he tweeted. "Thank you for all the messages. I can't possibly respond to them all, but know that your love and support means the world to me. And holy sh*t, Taylor Swift is an angel who gives the best gifts."

Since the whole thing went down, Goldschmidt has also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of their time with Swift, and of course, some photos of their heartwarming engagement. Apparently, even their dads got to meet Swift, and it looks like they had a blast together.

It doesn't seem like Swift could ever top this wholesome surprise, nor does it seem like there could be a better fiancé than Goldschmidt. It's moments like these that remind the world of the love that exists within it, and that romance is still alive and well. Until next surprise, Swift.