People Made Fun Of Taylor Swift For Wearing A Sweater Wrong So She Turned It Into Merch

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Taylor Swift's initial Reptuation merch drop threw all sorts of shade at Kimye, with items echoing Yeezy designs and cheeky snake references. It also referenced the media's obsession with her love life in the form of a dupe of the "I Heart T.S." shirt her ex Tom Hiddleston wore during their brief romance. The new Reputation merch collection is equally self-referential and pokes fun at one of T. Swift's most infamous fashion faux pas, as pointed out by Buzzfeed.

The new era of a seemingly self-aware Swift continues to assert itself through apparel. Swift is now selling a high-fashion version of a shirt she once unintentionally wore incorrectly.

Here's the backstory. In November 2014, Swift attended a New York Knicks basketball game. She looked absolutely lovely while sitting courtside in a long-sleeved, burgundy top with a V-neck and built-in choker by 525 America, paired with mustard-colored skinnies tucked into black booties. It was quintessential casual Swiftwear. It's worth noting that shirts with built-in chokers would become a hot trend in 2017.

Unbeknownst to Swift, she was wearing her top backwards. Oopsie! It begs two questions, though: Didn't she feel the garment's tag? Or did she not see the stamp, indicating the back? Unless, of course, the shirt didn't specifically delineate which way was which.

Regardless, the internet noticed the mistake, with a Taylor Swift style Tumblr claiming that the shirt was "reversible" and that Swift chose to wear it differently than recommended by the designer.

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There is the sweater, styled by Swift and how the designer originally intended. Clearly, the top avails itself of both options, even if unintended.

Buzzfeed reports that Swift even noticed the online chatter about the shirt, and acknowledged that she was wearing it wrong, taking full accountability for the faux pas.

The backwards sweater endured and earned a well-deserved place in Swift fashion lore.

Fans continued to talk about the backwards sweater long after the fact. Now, it's back and reimagined in a whole new way — as part of a fashion-forward Reptuation merch collection, complete with its own lookbook.

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Swift's take on the shirt borrows plenty of design elements from the original, namely the shade, the choker, and the neck shape. But Swift's version is looser, fuller, and adds the word "Rep" on the collar.

There is no mistaking Swift's intentions here. She is not hiding from what's been said about her personal style with her merch. And yes, Twitter was here for it, especially since Swift has paused throwing shade at someone else during the Reputation cycle.

Look what you made her do. Someone cue the single.

Once again, Swifties show their wit, referencing a famous incident (and vocab word) regarding the singer's saga with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The fans are feeling this fashion move.

Other pieces in the latest collection have a decidedly street-style vibe. It's tougher and edgier than what we've come to expect from Swift in the past, but it totally works with her overall Reputation aesthetic and motif.

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The bordeaux choker shirt isn't the only way Swift's new merch range is self-referential. This oversized sweatshirt dress, stamped with her name and the word "Rep," is much the same. It's the right merch piece for the most die-hard Swifties, since it clearly announces one's love for the singer. It can be paired with leggings, over-the-knee boots, or jeans.

Many of the pieces feature the word "reputation" abbreviated to "rep" in a tattoo-like, Old English-looking font.

There's lot of T.S. apparel to shop, whether or not you want to replicate an iconic (and much-discussed) Taylor Swift look. One thing is for sure: Taylor don't give a damn about her bad reputation.