Taylor Swift Is Selling 'I Heart TS' Crop Tops & The Snarky Shade Continues

Courtesy of Taylor Swift Store

Last summer, Taylor Swift's former beau and actor Tom Hiddleston wore a t-shirt that read "I Heart TS," declaring his "love" for the pop star. Twitter and the media has a lot of opinions on the tee, with Hiddleswift being equally scrutinized (to put it mildly) and adored for this fashion PDA. Now, very much post-breakup, Swift is selling "I Heart TS" crop tops as merch. The shirts are also prominently featured on the male dancers in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video.

This cotton shirt can be interpreted as either a shade-throwing reference or a friendly shout out to her ex, as Swift let the world know she is aware of her "reputation" in the video for the first single from Reputation.

Never mind all that drama, though! All Swifties and TS stans can show off their fandom and declare their love for the singer through fashion, much like Hiddleston infamously did with what appeared to be a homemade white tank. Only this is a more professional and stylized merch version of the proclamation of adoration.

The "I Heart TS" crop top is unisex, black, and features the embroidered phrase. The letters are gold and the heart is red. The shirt costs $50 and is available for pre-order, with an estimated ship date of Sept. 12.

Courtesy of Taylor Swift Store

The crop top comes in sizes S through XXL and the product also applies for the Taylor Swift Tix promotion, which has generated a bit of controversy, as it encourages fans to spend money in order to attempt to gain access to concert tickets.

The "I Heart TS" crop top is versatile. Look at how each of the dancers in the video, which did display some T. Swizzle self-awareness at the end, styled theirs differently.

You can do the same with a pair of fabric scissors and some creativity. Or you can rock this shirt "as is."

Flashback to the original shirt that expresses "hearting" of T.S. Something tells me that Hiddleston won't be nabbing one of these snarky, shade-throwing shirts for his casual closet. But I would certainly wager that Swifties across the globe will clamor for this shirt.

Expect a sea of these in the crowd at future Swift shows.