Taylor Swift's "End Game" Video Is Finally Here & Fans Are Already Obsessed

by Amy Roberts

If you were up early enough on Thursday morning, then you probably got to witness Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video preview when it dropped on Good Morning America. Fans can likely attest it was worth skipping the snooze button for. Now, in another instance that may have required adjusting your sleep schedule, Swift's full "End Game" video dropped at midnight on Friday, Jan. 12. Featuring some bombastic locations and a lavish-looking party, the music video also features some special guest stars. As fans hoped, Ed Sheeran and Future, who are both included on the song, also appeared in the video.

It's worth noting that if the video felt aesthetically familiar, that's likely because it was made by frequent Swift music video director, Joseph Kahn. By this point, the director has collaborated multiple times with the musician on some of Swift's most bold and grandiose videos, including "Look What You Made Me Do" and "Bad Blood." As you could likely tell from those videos, the man likes to go big with his creative vision, making him a perfect match for what is arguably Swift's biggest, brashest song on Reputation. Pairing "End Game" with Kahn's visual style is like pairing strong coffee with an early morning wake-up call. It's instant energy, you guys. Good morning, America, indeed.

And as per usual, there's plenty to get fans talking in this new video, namely her adorable reunion with her longtime BFF, Sheeran.

Let's just say fans are already officially obsessed.

All the excitement is also probably because fans have been eager for its release for a while now. In the days leading up to the premiere of "End Game," some Swifties took to social media to continually share their outrage at how long they were having to wait for it.

Some even translated their feelings into memes and suggested that Swift was knowingly torturing her fans by extending the wait for "End Game." (Of course, that probably was not intentional.)

And then there were people who just straight-up delivered the most accurate portrait of all of us who have been glued to our computers waiting for it — complete with Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" zombie.

But really, can you blame the fans? With lyrics that boast about having a "big reputation" and "some big enemies," it's understandable that they were desperate to see if the video would go big too. Particularly since rumors have been abound that supposed frenemy Katy Perry would cameo in the "End Game" video, putting to rest their feud once and for all. This wound up being merely a rumor, but back in December, for instance, E! reported a few convincing clues that seemed to indicate that Perry and Swift may have ended their feud. The suggested clues included the two singers being in Miami at the same time while Swift was filming "End Game," and video footage from the shoot showed a backup dancer who bore an uncanny resemblance to Perry.

Further fueling rumors about a Perry cameo was a tweet from Kahn that stated, "I think this #fishandchipscommercial is going to have a big reputation." In October, Swift was seen filming scenes for the "End Game" video in London, with some scenes looking to be filmed outside of a kebab shop. If you aren't a connoisseur of British fast food, then you may not realize that in the food world, fish and chips and kebabs are take-out rivals. They're basically the Swift and Perry of British feasts. So, of course, fans were wholeheartedly anticipating some hot tea with their "End Game" video.

Unfortunately, that wasn't actually Perry in the video, just someone with a similar haircut, but those other cameos maybe make up for it — at least slightly? Besides Future and Sheeran, this adorable pup also steals the spotlight.

From what we've seen in the "End Game" video, it certainly looks as though Swift wanted to go as big as her reputation with this one. And really, what more could fans want?