Taylor Swift's New Puzzling Hint About Her Possible New Music Involves Baby Chickens — Really

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Guess who just hatched another mysterious numbers game. On Saturday, April 20, Taylor Swift posted her seventh social media clue (to what can really only be new music at this point) — and it may just be her most puzzling teaser yet. This time, Swift used images of some truly shady chicks. No, really: She posted a pic on Instagram and Twitter of several paintings of baby chicks — sporting some chic sunglasses, no less — with the teaser caption that any true Swiftie could have predicted by now, "4.26".

As has been the case since Swift hit start on countdown clocks to 4.26 that appeared on the web and billboards worldwide on April 13, the Grammy winner's army of amateur sleuths immediately got to work trying to decode the singer's latest message. What does it all mean? Well, it's anyone's guess, at this point. Judging by Twitter reactions, however, the first clue that immediately struck Swifties was the fact that there were seven chickens in the new photo.

OK, so seven chicks for Day 7's clue about her likely seventh studio album (#TS7) made sense, but, knowing Swift, there must be way more behind the number. (Her lucky number, after all, isn't 7, it's 13, obviously.) And no seemingly innoucuous number is ever truly coincidental with Swift.

One devoted Swiftie even proved this point by concocting a scary-accurate TS7 theory back in February. After Swift posted a tree-filled image with stars plastered across the sky (and included only palm trees in the caption), Twitter users @annaandmitch predicted a new single could be coming on April 26 AKA Arbor Day (hence all the trees) — simply by counting the number of stars included in the picture. With no other info to go on, they figured out that 61 stars = 61 days until the single drop date. And what date was 61 days from when the pic was posted? Yep, April 26.

For most of Swift's fans, however, her latest TS7 teaser clue has seemed to be a bit of a head-scratcher. It didn't take long for Swifties to begin flooding the thread with replies that included memes of a perplexed Swift attempting to solve some serious mathematical equations, as well as other funny GIFs, which truly seemed to be the best way to represent Twitter's collective confusion.

But, really, Swift knows exactly what she's doing — and this is all, no doubt, part of a carefully thought out plan. It's the rest of the world, however, that, like Twitter user @ts7track3, has "so many questions."

While the theories will surely continue for days, one that seemed to somewhat have legs, so to speak, was that perhaps a Swift duet with Lady Gaga could be on the way. OK, so it may be a bit of a stretch, but Gaga has been teasing possible new music as well, and she did famously began raising chickens a few years ago. Plus, she and T. Swift both really are some pretty "cool chicks," as another user put it, and the chicks in the photo appear in duos...

It's unclear exactly how Swift's previous clues would tie into that, however. After first uploading a mysterious Instagram photo of a diamond-encrusted heart on April 13, Swift followed up in subsequent days with even more technicolor, pastel-hued imagery, including a pair of colorfully manicured hands, what appears to be a close-up shot of pink tulle fabric, another heart, this one, more aqua in color, and a shot of her beloved cats, Olivia and Meredith. While it's an additional puzzle piece, fans may need some more info to officially put it all together.

What more hints will Swift drop between now and April 26? Who knows? She's certainly a pro at keeping fans guessing though.