Taylor Swift Just Carried A Snakeskin Bag On The Anniversary Of Her Feud With Kim K

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In the world of modern celebrity feuds, there may not be one quite as polarizing as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. While many of these spats between stars are glossed over within a few months, theirs has stood the test of time. Now, Taylor Swift's snakeskin bag may have sent a shady message to Kardashian, and honestly, with this moment, the timing is everything.

In case you're wondering why a snakeskin bag matters at all, you'll need to revisit what happened between Swift and Kardashian. Back in 2016, Kardashian's husband Kanye West released his single, "Famous," in which he raps that he "feels like [me] and Taylor might still have sex/I made that bitch famous," alluding to his famous storm-staging moment at the MTV Video Music Awards. Obviously, Swift wasn't happy. Her spokesperson released a statement calling out the lyrics as misogynistic, and claimed Taylor never heard the line referring to her as "that bitch."

Enter Kim Kardashian. Now, she wasn't having it.

According to the reality star, West actually contacted Swift about the lyrics before the record was ever released. While Swift affirmed that a phone call did happen, she denied at she was made aware of lyrics calling her "that bitch." But Kardashian came with "receipts." On National Snake Day, July 18, Kardashian posted footage of Swift allegedly approving the lyric. The footage, however, didn't include Swift approving the line including the words "that bitch."

Now, Swift seems to be reclaiming the day and the snake as her own thanks to that backpack.


According to Teen Vogue, the backpack is a yet-to-be released design by Kate Spade, but come fall, if you want to support Taylor's reign as the Snake Queen, you can grab the bag yourself.

Why is Swift the Snake Queen, though? Kardashian kind of started it. During the height of their feud, the star sent out a tweet that allegedly referenced the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer as a snake. After the tweet, Swift's social media pages were filled with Kardashian fans spamming her with snake emojis. Now, though, she wearing the snake like a champ.


While the jury may be out on who actually won this feud or whether or not it's truly even still going on, Swift does certainly seem to have embraced the snake symbol ascribed to her by Kardashian. The Kate Spade backpack she's wearing is far from the first time Swift has worn something snake themed.

When her "Look What You Made Me Do" video premiered back in August, fans were on the lookout for Kardashian references, and while nothing specifically stood out as a visual representation of her, Swift's video was practically covered in snakes.

In one particular scene, Swift is served hot tea (also probably not coincidental) by a plethora of snakes.

Even her wardrobe in the video is filled with snake imagery, and honestly, those rings are kind of fabulous.

Her fans seem to love that she's totally embraced her snake moniker. In fact, it's a major part of her Reputation tour set-up.

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According to Twitter fans at her concert in Cleveland last night, she even told the crowed that National Snake Day was her favorite day of the year.


Could the bag just be a coincidence? Sure, anything can be. However, Swift's snake-themed tour set-up, her homage to snakes in the "Look What You Made Me Do Video," and her acknowledgement of the day the previous night seems to suggest that Swift knew exactly what she was doing when she stepped out in her snake skin bag.

Like it or not, this feud doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. No matter what side you're on, or if you even care, it's hard to deny that the Kardashian, West, Swift triangle of drama is kind of a BFD.