Tayshia Got Real About Why Blake & Hannah's Pre-'Paradise' Date Was So Upsetting

ABC/John Fleenor

The second week of Bachelor in Paradise just ended, and the drama is already hitting an all time high. Specifically, the drama involving Blake and many women in Paradise is boiling over, and his relationship with Hannah is at the center of it. After confronting Hannah on this week's BiP, Tayshia explained why Blake and Hannah’s pre-Paradise date made her so upset on a new podcast, as reported by People, and it actually makes a lot of sense.

During an appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, hosted by former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, Tayshia Adams shared more about what she thought of Hannah and Blake's relationship pre-Paradise. “To be honest, if someone is using their miles on you — he flew all the way to Alabama to see you — deal with it outside the show,” she said. “You obviously both like each other. What did you need to come to Paradise for? Figure it out. What do you need? The cameras? I don’t understand what the purpose was. That rubbed me the wrong way.”

Tayshia was referring to new information that Blake had flown out to see Hannah before they both headed to Paradise, even though they both knew they were going to Mexico. He was interested in her, obviously, and according to Hannah on BiP, the two talked, kissed, and that was it. But Tayshia has a point: why would Blake go through the hoops of a Bachelor series if he was pursuing Hannah outside of the show?

ABC/John Fleenor

In the episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Tayshia confronted Hannah about her relationship with Blake, saying she didn't appreciate being brought into the drama when Blake asked her on a date the first day in Mexico. If he and Hannah G. had been honest about talking beforehand, it might have changed Tayshia's involvement with him. And Tayshia felt especially betrayed because Hannah, who was with her on Colton's season of The Bachelor, knew what it was like to be blindsided like that. In fact, she told Hannah as much, telling the blonde that she should have given her the courtesy of being up front from the start.

On the podcast, Rachel jumped in, adding that she didn't appreciate Hannah saying that Tayshia had "attacked" her on the beach. "I was so offended for you when I saw Hannah G. say that... I truly hope that when Bachelor Nation is watching, that they don't turn around and attack you," Rachel told Tayshia. "I know how that situation goes, and I'm speaking as a person of color and it is sad in this society that you cannot use certain words to describe certain races, and 'attacked' is one of them." Rachel then went on to say Hannah owed Tayshia an apology.

In their conversation, Tayshia also touched on the private texts Blake released on Instagram last week. While she said she she doesn't think Blake should have posted the texts, but she wasn't surprised by what they revealed. “I mean those are personal, but I do feel like there was always more to the story than everyone was leading on," she said. Tayshia added that she had “a little bit better idea of who Caelynn is as a person than the viewers,” which helped her understand the situation, though she didn't elaborate.

Clearly, there's more than enough drama to go around on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, and whatever's going on between Blake and Hannah is only the beginning.