Teddy Is In The Middle Of Another Love Triangle In This Exclusive 'Grey's' Clip

Now that Alex Karev's departure has been explained, it's time for Teddy to deal with the fallout from her post-snowstorm kiss with Koracick. In an exclusive Grey's Anatomy clip from this Thursday's episode, Teddy finds herself in an elevator with her fiancé Owen and the ex she recently passionately kissed, Koracick. As if that wasn't awkward enough, the trio have to share an elevator ride surrounded by other doctors (including Maggie) who are clearly picking up on the tense situation. Oh, and as an added bonus, her kids are also there — Teddy is clearly in for a day.

In the clip, Koracick is dropping plenty of suggestive comments while poor Owen babbles about choosing a wedding venue. "It's important to know what you want," Teddy's ex says pointedly as Owen forwards Teddy the venue options. The moment is funny, but it also seems to be prepping viewers for the confrontations that are sure to follow.

With Amelia potentially expecting Owen's baby, and Teddy kissing Koracick, Owen and Teddy's relationship is on rocky ground — even though they're both trying to carry on like everything is normal between them. That feigned normalcy isn't going to last long since the teaser for tonight's episode suggests Amelia is going to finally find out who the father of her child is.

Teddy and Owen fans should treasure this small moment of humor, because it might be the last one Grey's offers up for a while. With their hearts being pulled in opposite directions, this couple could end up calling it quits unless they can power through the baby drama and snowstorm inspired kisses to make things work for them and their family of four. Catch an all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight, Mar. 12 on ABC at 9/8c.