If You're Obsessed With Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, You Need To Watch Their Reality Show

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Ice dancing pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have captured viewers hearts during the 2018 Winter Olympics. But, did you know that the two captured hearts long before with their own reality show? Yep, as Vulture points out, Virtue and Moir had a reality show, which begs the question: Where can you watch Tessa & Scott? If you became a fan of the pair during the Olympics, you're going to love their 2014 reality show.

As Vulture notes, the ice dancers had their own show called Tessa & Scott (creator: Carolyn Saunders) in their native Canada in 2014. The show originally aired on the W Network for one season. If you want to stream the show now, you're in luck. There are a couple of different ways to watch it.

You can actually watch the show on the W Network now for free. And you don't even need a cable log-in to view the show. Just head to WNetwork.com, where you can watch all seven full-length episode of Tessa & Scott on the website.

If that route isn't for you (for whatever reason), you can always check out Amazon, where you can purchase Virtue and Moir's reality show for $1.99 per episode, or the whole season for $6.99. That price tag is a total bargain for anyone who's worried W Network will ever take the show off of their site.

Virtue and Moir, who won two gold medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the team competition and in the individual ice dancing event, starred in their reality show for only one season back in 2014. The show chronicled the pair as they trained for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They even discussed their "complex" relationship throughout the series, a topic which many Virtue and Moir shippers will probably appreciate. There's even a heavy focus on the couple getting that chemistry between them back. And, as anyone who watched their Moulin Rouge! based ice dance routine, they definitely succeeded on that front.

Tessa & Scott also featured the pair as they attended Skate Camp, where they experienced practices with their longtime competitors, the now-retired American ice dance team of Charlie White and Meryl Davis, who had the same coach as they did, Marina Zueva. While the series didn't show Virtue and Moir's Olympic outcome at Sochi, many know that the two ended up with the silver medal at the 2014 games after previously winning gold at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Their rivals, White and Davis, took home the gold in 2014.

But, the reality star duo came back to win their individual gold in 2018 in awe-inspiring fashion. Their short program and free skate performances not only helped them achieve their gold medalist status again, but it also helped Canada garner their gold medal in the team event. People everywhere loved their intense routines. Even the legendary director of Moulin Rouge! (associate producer: Catherine Martin), Baz Luhrmann couldn't help but tweet about how moving he found Virtue and Moir's free skate performance, where they skated to songs from the film's soundtrack. Have to agree there, Luhrmann.

Unfortunately, it seems like the 2018 will be Virtue and Moir's last Olympics. At their press conference following their gold medal win, Moir implied that the pair would be "moving on" from skating after latest Olympic achievements. He didn't say outright whether they were retiring, and said that he wouldn't say the "r-word" yet, but it seems like something that they're thinking about. It'll be a sad day for many of their fans if they do retire. However, with their reality show, Tessa & Scott, fans will be able to get their Virtue and Moir-infused ice dancing fix anytime they want.