Here's Every "Clue" That Makes Fans Think Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are Secretly Dating

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If the Olympic committee handed out gold medals in evasiveness as well as athletic prowess, there's one couple in particular that's very deserving. Since the Canadian ice dancers won't give them a straight answer, here are all the clues that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are dating that fans have picked up on so far. Every glance exchanged by the gold medal-winning pair makes fans more certain they're an item, but Virtue and Moir seem poised to leave PyeongChang with their relationship still vague. So, in the absence of cold, hard facts, fans have been speculating wildly.

The couple won their first gold of the 2018 Games on Feb. 12, as part of Team Canada, but, a week later, their second gold was all theirs. On Feb. 19, a record-breaking score in the short dance combined with their second-place free dance finish to earn the pair the top position on the podium. It was the crowning achievement in an already-impressive career, made all the more compelling because of Virtue and Moir's decades-long partnership. They've skated together for 20 years now, since she was 7 and he was 9, and fielded questions about a romantic relationship every step of the way.

Chemistry is an important part of any ice dancing duo's routine that any Olympic judge would look for. But the connection between Virtue and Moir is visible even to normals, and clearly extends beyond the competition. There's no way to prove definitively that their bond is anything but platonic without a statement from the Olympians themselves. But until give fans some straight answers, here are all the clues that fans are citing as evidence that Moir and Virtue actually are in love.

They Danced To A Song From Moulin Rouge

Specifically, to the song "Come What May." The movie is already about a secret relationship, but that song carries a particular significance. Ewan McGregor's character Christian writes it so that anytime Nicole Kidman's character Satine sings it, it's a reminder of their hidden love. It's literally a way for the two characters to say "I love you" to each other without anyone else catching wise, and fans are here for it.

They Refuse To Give Fans A Straight Up No

When the pair appeared on TODAY following their second gold, Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie effused over the ice dancers' chemistry. Both hosts acknowledged that they wished the Canadians were a real-life couple, which would've been a great opportunity to shut down the rumors once and for all.

But instead, Virtue said, "Well, that’s such a compliment that you feel that when you watch us skate. We absolutely love performing together." Which tells us nothing. And Moir's response was no less artfully evasive: "That was the story we were telling, so I’m happy that you fell in love with that."

They're Likely Retiring Soon

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The pair has dropped a lot of hints that they'll be retiring after PyeongChang. And whether that's from pretending that they aren't a couple or just from the ice after their record-breaking Olympic performance this year is anybody's guess.

They Have A History

In addition to their 20 years of skating together, these two also have a romantic history. In a 2007 interview with Golden Skate, Virtue and Moir were asked about their off-ice relationship. It's hard to tell if she was joking or not, but Virtue did let something slip, telling the interviewer: "Let’s just say we’ve been there done that. We dated when I was 7!"

Moir followed that up with a teasing reveal of his own, responding to the question of whether they were together with, "I WISH!" before clarifying, "I’m just joking. I guess we are just really good actors." So they've been an enigma for almost as long as they've been a partnership, if not longer.

They Dedicated That Final Skate To Each Other

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Knowing that it might be their last showing on the ice, Moir and Virtue told reporters afterward that they'd dedicated the performance to each other. The Guardian reports that Moir shared:

"We still love what we do. It’s personal this time. It was for each other, we skated with each other in mind the whole way and we skated with our hearts. It’s extremely fulfilling."

We're not crying, you're crying.

They Use The Word "We" A Lot

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In a statement to OBS, the official Olympics broadcaster, Reuters reports that Moir had few answers about the next step for himself and Virtue. The only thing that sounded truly clear is that it would be together: "We don’t know what the future holds quite yet but it definitely feels like we’re getting close to the end of our career." The fact that he's sticking with the "we" even with a future career not yet confirmed suggests that these two are a pair off the ice as well.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons for these two to dissemble. If they are together, it makes sense to keep their relationship under wraps until they're out of the spotlight because it's no one's business but there. And, if they aren't, well, the fact that so many are convinced otherwise is a testament to Virtue and Moir's incredible chemistry, professionalism, and bond.