If You're Hoping For A Jonas Brothers Reunion, Nick Jonas Just Shared Some Bad News

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sad news for newly hopeful fans of the group: at the 2018 Grammy Awards red carpet, Nick Jonas shut down those Jonas Brothers reunion rumors in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. Jonas, who's presenting an award at the event, was put on the spot by the host and unfortunately didn't make the announcement that the JB fandom would have liked to have heard. According to the youngest member of the sibling band, there's no reunion in the works at present. But he still left the door open just a smidge — so have faith, guys. You may find yourself bopping along to "Year 3000" at another live show yet.

The conversation all started when the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account reactivated on Jan. 15. That alone was enough to get Twitter and Tumblr working over time, spinning fantasies of reunion tours and maybe the release of that scrapped fifth album. And then the weekend leading up the Grammys saw Kevin, Nick, and Joe hanging out, some photo evidence of which was shared on Joe's own social media with the caption, "The Boys." Even more suspicious, the guys seem to be in conversation in the candid-looking photo, which fueled rumors that perhaps the topic of that conversation was the group's comeback. An anonymous source told Entertainment Tonight that the photo was taken at a pre-Grammy bash on Jan. 26.

It also seemed promising that until the night of the Grammys, none of the guys had made a public comment shooting down the rumors. Instead, the family seemed to be encouraging the renewed interest. Their father posted an Instagram on his personal account the day after the reactivation, pointing out that #JonasBrothers was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Because Seacrest is a red carpet pro, he knew what had to be done. So to put all of our minds at ease, he went straight to the source to get the goods. And though Nick Jonas seemed amused by the question and flattered by the fan interest, he didn't have great news for Team Jonas. He said:

"We just, we hung out for a weekend all together. And I guess our Instagram was restarted or reopened. But I can tell you right now, there's no reunion planned. But I can never say never, you never know what's going to happen."

Aw, come on, Nick. The Grammys would have been the perfect place to announce the reformation of the band, which was last active in 2013. Imagine the way social media would have exploded if the Jonas Brothers had somehow wrangled a spot for a surprise performance. But according to the artist, the Instagram thing wasn't indicative of anything big happening, nor was the group hang. (Though, seriously guys, the promotion of that group hang is what raised a lot of eyebrows.)

If you follow the guys on social media, you know that they actually hang out all the time. When the band announced their breakup on Good Morning America five years ago, they gave creative differences as a reason and said that they were putting being family ahead of everything else. And as tough as that choice was for fans of the band to hear, it seems to have worked out for their relationship. The brothers seem to be extremely close to each other and to the rest of their family, frequently getting together for holidays and special events (like Kevin's daughter's recent birthday party) or for no reason at all.

And they're supportive of one another's solo ventures too. Kevin and Joe were on hand this weekend when Nick's collection for designer John Varvatos was unveiled, which only advanced the rumor that Nick shot down at the Grammys. They've been successful in their own ventures — from Joe fronting DNCE to Nick's movie career to Kevin's domestic bliss — and it has to be good for each of them to know that the other has his back.

The silver lining? Nick Jonas didn't rule out ever reuniting to make music with his brothers again in his red carpet interview. So make sure you've brushed up on the lyrics to "Burnin' Up" and that your concert t-shirts are safe in a drawer, because you never know. Maybe it'll be these rumors that get the guys talking about the possibilities of even a brief comeback.