Jonas Brothers Fans Think That This Photo Means The Band Is About To Reunite

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It might not be the Year 3000 yet, but 2018 is looking pretty good. 2018 is the year the Jonas Brothers reunited in a new photo posted on Friday, Jan 26 that has fans thinking something else is on the way. Whether it's a reunion tour, a greatest hits album, or something new and different, Jonas Brothers fans are itching to find out what the New Jersey trio have in store for them. They wouldn't reactivate their Instagram, coordinate outfits, and start attending public events together again for no reason, right? Why would the Jonas Brothers threaten fans with a reunion without a reason to celebrate?

The latest evidence of a possible reunion on the horizon was posted to Joe Jonas' Instagram and Twitter accounts on Saturday, Jan. 26. It's a candid photo of the Brothers Jonas discussing...something. The caption is simply: "The boys." Us Weekly reported that Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas attended the John Varvatos fashion show in New York City on that day, so perhaps that is where the photo was taken. So many questions.

If you're burnin' up for the answer, you're not alone. The fandom is alive and real, and they're ready for more from their favorite former boy band. Sure, Nick Jonas is rocking a solo career, and Joe Jonas is performing with D.N.C.E., and Kevin is enjoying a settled, married life. But wouldn't it be a little better, make things a little brighter, to add a Jonas Brothers Reunion something to the 2018 schedule? Fans hope so.

Let's take a look at what Twitter thinks the Jonas Brothers are trying to tell fans. High heels and red dress (red dress) not required, but definitely encouraged.

1. One Fan Already Had The Jonas Brothers Setlist Planned Out

All it took was one picture — posted to Kevin and Joe Jonas' social media accounts — and this fan had their potential reunion tour setlist ready to go.

2. This Fan Is 'Begging, Not Asking'

Everyone knows what the pair of eyes emoji means: Check this out, or what have we here, or let's get an answer ASAP. In this fan's case, it means for the love of all that is holy, explain this photo before I explode. Understandably.

3. The Jonas Brothers Even Reignited Their Own Meme

It just took the JoBros reactivating their Instagram (last post: Fall 2013), taking mysterious pictures together, and appearing as a group to send the Internet into a full-on meltdown.

4. 'They Better Be Doing A Reunion Tour'

Seriously, if this is all for nothing, the erstwhile pop group will have a lot of disappointed young adults to answer to.

5. The Photos Gave One Fan The Chills

Can you blame fans for getting all riled up? It's one thing to bring back a joint Instagram account for the band. But to hang out together, rock leather jackets front-row at a fashion show, and casually announce that you still jam together once in a while...just look at what you're doing to people, JoBros!

6. Even Dads Are In On The Hype

This one fan's dad is psyched, and she probably shouldn't question it. After all, maybe he'll pay for tickets!

7. A Jonas Brothers Reunion Would Be Good For Everyone

Hey, fandom knows no bounds or age limits.

8. One Fan Is Ready For The Reunion ASAP

A Jonas Brothers reunion at the 2018 Grammys seems optimistic, but a little hope never hurt anyone.

9. Some Have Already Decided It's Happening

Technically, JoBros, this one is on you!

10. A Family Reunion Is Only The First Step

Please, Jonas Brothers, pretty pretty please? This is an S.O.S. Don't want to second guess your hints.

11. Only Real Fans Take A Whisper Of Reuniting This Personally

C'mon, Jonas Brothers. What's the hold up? The fans know what they want — and perhaps they will get it.

For now, the mystery of the Jonas Brothers Social Media Comeback 2k18 remains just that: A mystery. But if they're planning to put the band back together, literally, they know just where to find their fans.